SportPesa Winning Tips, Jackpot and Multibet Talk

SportPesa Winning Tips, Jackpot and Multibet Talk

Many punters I’ve known to be exceptional analysts are taking a break after going broke,because its not about daily winning tips, but staking smartly on value bets.

I have followed many professional punters for years ,J.D of goal betting,accumulator tips,pro gambler etc long before betting got popular in Kenya. I always noted one thing – they don’t win most of their tips,yet they guarantee their customers profit.

When betting became active in Kenya,most punters joined thinking that ability to win tips daily will make them rich.Thus,they’d bet on odds as small as 1.20 and 1.05 just to win,not wary of the value involved.

Don’t be duped,there are no sure bets.In football,anything can happen.No wonder,no team finishes a season unbeaten,be it Bayern ,Barcelona or Madrid.

Most of the pro gamblers we started with are hardly anywhere now.Most trusted tipsters are broke and buried under the weather.Make no mistake,what you win in a year can be recovered by a bookie in a min.So how do you ensure your betting is profit oriented?

1.Never get “sure” bets and stake big.The only thing that should be big is the odds.When for instance you keep staking 10,000 on odds 1.30 ,you might win 6 times and lose everything when you accidentally lose one day.But if you use odds 2.0 and above,stake only 1/8 or 1/4 of your budget depending on the risk,a bookie will never recover what you won.

2.Bet on the surest bet only.No need to have 4-5 bets in one day.Measure the bests,choose the most sure and stake a fraction of your stake.

3.Don’t just win,win big.Its no value to win odds 1.30 daily cause one day you lose your balance sheet is zero.At least double or triple your stake.If you win 3 out of 6 bets where you were tripling or doubling your stake,you will have net profit.Your losses would be massive if you played small odds and staked big,and lost even just once.

3.Learn how to budget and take only a fraction of your stake.If your budget is 4000,a multibet should have only 1 /8 of your stake ,ie 500 Bob.If its 1000, only 125.Be mathematical in your staking and you’ll win and make profits before you lose 1/2 of your stake.Blanket staking is the reason why most gamblers are broke.

4. Lastly,there’s no quick money in betting.If you gain fast,you’ll lose fast.Funny how one wants to make 20k on the ist month while real business out there make as little as 1000 before they grow.Make money slowly but surely and you’ll count a good profit at the end of the month or year.If you don’t want to think long term, don’t bet.


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