Virtual Betting Tips On Betin Kenya

Virtual Betting Tips On Betin Kenya

Virtual betting is the new concept in kenya betting  being offered by betting companies such as Betin Kenya and Justbet kenya, many have not yet known how it goes about or what is all about.

Virtual football  is made up of matches that are computer simulated with Random Number Generator which determines the results, the matches events and results are streamed live on the betting company website. Virtual football matches are not scheduled thus time is not the limiting factor as to when to place a bet. Another great advantage is that the matches only last 3 minutes as compared to ordinary 90 minutes and you still don’t need to wait for next weekend to vote for your favourite team you can bet after every 3 minutes.

Betting options available in virtual football betting

The options are not different from other real football matches but some betting sites offer small number of options as compared to real football matches. I checked some of the options that Betin Kenya offers and are as follows.

We have a large number of betting markets on offer for Virtual Football including:

  • Win, Draw, Lose: Bet on the Home Team Winning, The Match being a Draw or the Home Team Losing (Away Team Winning)
  • Correct Score: Bet on the correct score of the Match.
  • Total Goals: Bet on the Total amount of Goals scored in the Match.
  • Double Chance: Bet on two outcomes from the Win, Draw, and Lose Market.
  • Over/Under 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 Goals: Bet on whether there will be more or less goals scored in the Match.
  • First team to score

Basic rules to understand about  virtual betting

The match starts with screen display of the two teams that are about to play with their various option to bet on. The screen is designed with a timer that shows the time allocated before the match starts giving you time to place a bet. The simulated matches are designed as leagues and multiple matches are set to kick off at the same time thus offering the gambler a chance to place a combination of multi bets if he/she wishes to. Once the match/matches are completed a result card for each match is shown for a short period of time. Payment is done immediately the matches end and the timer on the display will show how much time is left to place before the next matches starts.

stratergies to guide you to winning virtual football betting

Thorough check of past season in-order to determine the strong and weak teams those that finish top three and bottom three. Select one of the strong team e.g the one that won the last season and stake on it to win the first home game, you can also do the vice versa and select one poor team and stake it to lose the first away game. It is advisable to start placing bets after week 5 or 6 since you will have noticed the strong teams and weak teams.

Remember to place less stakes at first and you can increase as you study the teams and your account is increasing money.


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