December 16th, 2014 by Mary Ongubo

A new betting game is in town albeit mostly to the interest of soccer fans. But being that money is involved; any person with an interest in gambling will find it very lucrative. The new kid in the block is SportPesa; a creation of Pevans E.A Ltd. All you need to do is to predict correctly the outcome of a given game and earn yourself a multiple of your money deposited in your SPESA account.
Before you jump to conclusions even about the Sportpesa jackpot

How SportPesa Works

For you to participate in the betting, you need to first open an account with SportPesa. This has been made as simple as sending an SMS with the word “Game” to 79079. You will then receive a user name, PIN and pay-bill number from your mobile phone operator to use in depositing money into your account. All the four Kenyan mobile operators are offering the service.

Once you are done with registration and you have deposited at least ksh.100 into your SPESA account, you are then legible to participate in the betting.

For any given game, there is a game ID which is a four digits number e.g. 1234 which you use to choose the game you want to bet on from the listed games. You can bet for a win for the home team (1), a draw (X) or a win for the visiting team (2). The multiples for the betting increase from the home team win to the visiting team win, e.g. in a game between Harambee Stars and the Super Eagles played in Kenya, the multiples could hypothetically look like shown below:

Home Team Win (1) (Harambee Stars) – 1.56

Draw (X) – 2.01

Visiting Team Win (2) (Super Eagles) – 2.98

Having bet with your Kshs 100 that the home team will win, your money will be multiplied with 1.56 and you get back Kshs 156. The same happens with the other predictions. However, in case your prediction was wrong, you lose all your money that you had bet. The maximum amount you can bet with is limited to Kshs 20,000.

There is a weekly jackpot that can go beyond Kshs 5,000, 000 on every week for which you have to predict a set of about 13 games correctly for you to win the money. This happens to be the hardest but the most tantalizing and enticing betting on the Sports Pesa platform.

There are two types of betting: single betting where you only bet on one game and multiple betting where you bet on a set of several games. For the multiple betting, you have to predict all the games correctly for you to win the multiple odds at your disposal. On the other hand, the single betting is a case of either winning or losing depending on the outcome of the one game you bet over.


Is SportPesa a Scam?

Going by the easy money that the betting game is offering, it might appear to be a scam to many. However, in my analytical perspective, the game is just as safe as any other gambling in the casinos around town. The odds are there for any participant to either win or lose. The regulations governing the gaming are not any different from the normal betting games in our casinos.

Looking at the football fever that has been generated by the world cup, the company is set to make as much money as they can dream of. With good cash inflows, I doubt whether the owners will be willing to exit the market niche they have curved for themselves.

In addition, not long after the world cup, the next season for the premier leagues in Europe will be starting and with a growing football fanaticism, you can expect the numbers of gamblers in this new platform not to reduce. Kenyans are also known for their love of gambling and other betting games even on radio stations, TVs and newspapers. The majority of football maniacs also happen to be the young people most of whom love quick money without much sweat.

All the foresaid factors then point to a lucrative business for the owners as the gambling addicts continue making and losing money each day.Whether SportPesa is here to stay or it’s just a passing cloud, you can tell that from the increasing number of casinos in town.

As you participate in the betting, remember that gambling is addictive and can result to lose of all your money. Be cautious!


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