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Insider Secret:How Sportpesa REALLY Makes Money

So you keep wondering how Sportpesa really sets the odds especially for KPL matches.Here is basic insider information on how major bookies work their system to get odds.There is no secret that Spesa always has an advantage over the bettors , as they have comprehensive information about the participants of events and creates lines with a view to minimizing their risks . Some professional bettors naively believe that if they will bet on some little-known events, such as Russia’s second division match, the ignorant Sportpesa is sure to make a mistake and offer them high odds. In practice, it says only one thing, the so-called “professional” has no idea how bookmakers line is formed actually. A bookmarkers line is what you call the ODDS for an event. And it is very useful to know , because having such information and analyzing it, you can really afford to gain an advantage, but first things first .


Chance of any outcome varies from 0 to 100%, or from 0 to 1. Each event can have several outcomes. For example, in a football game can beat the home team,away team or a draw. Each outcome has a probability. Sum of the probabilities of all outcomes is always 100%.Experts at Sportpesa are required to estimate the probability of each outcome as good as possible.


To estimate the probability Sportpesa uses:


– Statistics of previous games teams;


– A list of injured players;


– Motivating the team and individual players;


– Relationships within the team and between the players and coach;


– The situation surrounding the future transition of players to other teams or the expectations of the arrival of new players, it affects the morale of the team;


– Objectives of the team in the tournament, which is held as part of the match;


– The country, the city, the stadium where the match will take place (based on this: the duration of the flight, the aggressiveness of the fans and the level of support, covering the lawn, etc.);


– Loyalty arbitrators appointed for the match;


– Weather forecast at the time of the event;


and many other factors.


After a deep analysis of the people in charge of setting the odds display the probability for each outcome of sports events. It further needs to value from 0 to 1 (50% 0.5 = 30% = 0.3, 7 = 0.07%). Thereafter, the unit (1) divided by the probability values and the coefficients are obtained. For example, for a 50% ratio is: 1/0.5 = 2.0, 30% for: 1/0.3 = 3.33 to 7%: 1/0.07 = 14.29.


The resulting coefficients are aligned chance event outcomes and are thus the odds. If the odds are defined correctly, Sportpesa does not care, on what  outcome of the event players will bet. This is due to the fact that if a lot of these will be played exactly the same match, the outcome will be distributed evenly: the home team to win every other match, a draw will occur in 3 of the 10 matches, and only the away team to win 7 times out of 100. But if the coefficients are calculated correctly, the winnings will never exceed the amount of money raised for all outcomes of the same event.


An exception may be only the case at the Sportpesa, when a large amount of money placed on one outcome, and there comes the so-called money-skewed line. Professional bettors  are constantly noticing a situation where the odds vary in line near the beginning of the match compared to earlier during the day or a day earlier. This is due to the fact that the sport pesa adjusts the line due to the fact that on one outcome put a lot more money than the opposite, and it is desirable uniform distribution rates.In this case, they lure players to high odds(ie. coefficients of the outcome), which is not set. A small odds on the outcome, on which the most money is raised, push away those who would like to bet on favorite team like Barca and Real Madrid matches .At least thats the theory part.

In practice, of course, each bookie more so Sportpesa does not create his own line except for local matches in the Kenya Premier League(KPL). For these purposes they would have to hire specialists forecasters very high class for each sport, and this can afford only favorites .
In practice, most bookmakers simply rewrite the line with each other. Bookmaker try to limit bets to minimize their risks . Let’s look at the principle of lines forming on small local competition in stages to ensure, that waiting for an error from the bookmaker – a thankless task .Bookmakers find a way out of this situation. And the way out of this situation is mutual assistance. Large and small, local and foreign operators start, like a big family, helping each other.
The process of forming the line here undergoes four key stages. Let us examine each of them in detail on the example of the Russian Basketball League match Khimki – Unix:
The first – is the formation of the initial line. This “dirty work” in the bulk operate sportsbooks that are closest to the action. A Sportpesa bookmaker can only wait and monitor the activity of players and cash flows on a given line. Based on these data , Sportpesa bookmakers form their odds. eg. 1.5 – 2.5
The second key step is ” ramming the line .” It usually begins the day before the match. At this stage giants like betting Bet365,Betwin, Ladbrokes or Gamebookers begin to exhibit their lines market. As in the case of the first stage, at the stage of “ramming” closely monitored by the number and size of bets on each of the outcomes , and the line is adjusted on the basis of these data. At this stage the office actively begin check their lines with lines of competitors and rewrite them. If we return to our match Khimki-Unix, at this stage the odds already constitute 1.35-2.80.
The third and most important stage in the formation of lines is “global rewriting”. The name speaks for itself. Rewriting traditionally begins on the morning of the match when occurs players main activity. Coming to work at 8 am, Sportpesa spread their lines in 12-13 hours a day. In the 4 hours they are using special software that scan active bettors, monitors the main financial flows, compare their data with the competitors, and based on this information publish the most optimal odds, which is issued for their own. Thus, 5 hours before the beginning of the match , we have the coefficients of 1.39 to win Khimki and 2.70 UNIKS to win.
It is at the stage of global rewriting included in the formation of lines, most bookmakers , including all Kenyan bookmakers such as Sportpesa,Betin,Betway,mCheza,Justbet just to name a few . This phase – the most important for bettors who want to get the best conditions . Global rewriting lines – real time in order to make a bet ( provided that you still see somewhere advantage over the line ). Experts prefer to catch the most “delicious” odds on the stage of ” ramming “.
The fourth and final stage – the line correction. At this stage, the whole market (all bookies both in Kenya and internationally)comes around to a consensus about the odds line up for the match . Once the line becomes public Sportpesa begins to adjust the line depending on how the cash balance is distributed. At the same time to adjust the lines take into account data on the compositions , injuries, disqualifications , etc. Analyzing the results of cash flow, bookie put the odds on totals and special offers. Sometimes at this stage odds can vary greatly.
So what we have in the end ? In theory, every bookmaker should independently form a line. In practice, it turns out that an ordinary player bets against the whole world betting system , which jointly produces favorable odds for 36 hours.
Conclusion – if you want to gain an advantage , it is better to bet for 2-1.5 days before the match , when the probability of bookmaker error is very high. Anticipate bookmakers in searching for information, anticipate odds movements and always be slightly ahead of the system.

You can Beat Sportpesa if you can only learn how to use most all of the above factors .. In sportpesa offices are working people, and of course they are wrong 2-1.5 days before the match . At first glance, these errors are not visible and can only be found after careful analysis.


Enjoy the game!


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Betting Sites Kenya

Below is a summary on the available Sports betting companies in the Kenyan Market which are authorized and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya.



Twitter : @sportpesa

Facebook : Sportpesa

Mobile : +254755079079


Sportpesa is famous among many Kenyan gamblers. It focuses on soccer only and has a variety of markets to choose from. They include: 3 way Home/Draw/Away, Goals over/Under, Both teams to score (BTTS) Yes/No ,Double Chance Home/Away, 3 way Fist Half Home/Draw/Away, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time i.e 1/1 2/1 X/2, Goal Odd/Even , Euro Handicap, First Half Under/Over etc…

What makes Sportpesa unique from other Kenyan bookies is the Sportpesa Jackpot.It has a total of 13 matches,anyone who predicts the 13 correctly wins the big price. ( ksh 5 Million and above). There is a bonus for the individuals who manage to predict 10,11 and 12correctly.In circumstances whereby two or more persons manage to win either the jackpot or the bonus,the money is shared equally among all winners.

The Jackpot value keeps on increasing on weekly basis until there is a winner,that’s the time when the value depreciates to Ksh 5Million.The approximate growth rate of the Sportpesa Jackpot is Ksh 2 Million.

The Sportpesa Jackpot is played at a cost of ksh 100 per jackpot pick.

Currently,there are only two bookies in Kenya with the Jackpot Competition.Sportpesa and Royal Kenya Bets.

The advantage with sportpesa is that depositing and withdrawing cash is fast and efficient. Quick settlement of bets and proper customer service.However, the minimum amount of money you can place your bet with is ksh100.Withdrawing costs you ksh33.

TO REGISTER IS SIMPLE AND FAST!! : To register for a SportPesa account text “ACCEPT#0704703802” to 79079

How To Deposit Money On Sportpesa

1. Go to Mpesa Menu
2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa
3. Paybill
4. Enter business number 955100
5. Account number SPORTPESA
6. Enter amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
7. Enter PIN


1. Go to Airtel Money Menu
2. Make payment
3. Select Paybill
4. Click Other
5. Enter Business number SPORTPESA
6. Enter Amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
7. Enter PIN
8. Enter reference number as FOOTBALL


1. Go to Orange Money
2. Select paybill
3. Click other
4. Enter paybill number 079079
5. Enter amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
6. Enter PIN

1. Go to YU cash menu
2. Select Paybill
3. Go to other
4. Enter paybill number 107079
5. Enter business number SPORTPESA
6. Enter amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
7. Enter PIN

Betting is Via SMS and on the Web


SMS to 79079 the Game ID, the team you predict to win in 90 min & the amount you wish to bet.

e.g. “8962#2#100” – where “8962” is the Game ID, “2” is the prediction (“1″ means Home win,”X” means draw, and “2” means away from Home win) and “100” is the bet amount.


SMS to 79079 the Game IDs , the teams you predict to win in 90 min & the amount you wish to bet.

e.g. “1234#2#4534#1#7180 #1#135” where 1234 is the Game ID,2 is the prediction,4534 is the Game ID, 1 is the prediction, 7180 is the Game ID, 1 is the prediction and 135 is the bet amount.

2.Elitebet kenya


Twitter: @elitebet_kenya

Facebook: ElitebetKE

Mobile: +254705201537


Elitebet operates in Kenya and Uganda. Elitebet has a good number of markets eg 3 way Home/Draw/Away, BTTS, Double Chance, Asian(Draw No Bet), Half Time/Full Time, First Half Under/Over, Handicap, Goal Odd/Even, Goals over/Under etc…

Elitebet Kenya is advantageous in that there are no withdrawing charges.Sometimes delays are experienced during settlement of bets,depositing and withdrawing cash but finally you get paid. Elitebet currently offers only soccer betting.


On MPESA, send your stake money to business no. 850700, account no. elitebet and we will send you a PIN number to log-in and bet. That’s it!On Safaricom : M-PESA -> Lipa na M-PESA -> Pay Bill -> Enter business no. -> 850700 -> Enter account no. elitebet – > Enter Amount E.g. 100KShs -> enter M-PESA PIN and confirm. You will get  a PIN via SMS and you log-in on-line immediately and place your bets at http://www.elitebetkenya.com!

Place your bet. On-line, you just log-in with your phone number and PIN, then select the options here.

By SMS, you text it to 29210.

Placing the Bet by SMS

Here you identify the match you are betting on by its Match Code which, in this example as above is 2475. You say your prediction by adding it to the Match Code. In the match result bet a Home Win is #1, an Away Win is #2 and a Draw is #0. You say how much you want to stake by adding your stake at the end of the bet. 100 KShs is *100. So to bet on this match, predicting a Home Win with 100 KShs, you text the message 2475#1*100 to the number 29210.



Email : bets@justbet.co.ke

Phone : +254722585277


Justbet is an international sports betting organization.

How to Bet on Just Bet!

1. Visit the website http://www.justbet.co.ke

2. Register. Registration is Free

3. Load your account by Safaricom Paybill 530100 or AIRTEL MONEY on 0789 757 858

4. Place a Bet on our Featured Matches.

5. Minimum Bet amount is 100/= and the Maximum is 10,000/= per game.

6. Wait for the outcome and check if your winnings reflect on your account balance.

7. Withdraw your winnings anytime by sending withdraw request to 0722 585 277.

Justbet offers suitable betting options among them is the number of yellow cards whereby you can predict the number of yellow cards which will be issued in the math, 3 way Home/Draw/Away,offer player to score too and live betting,NBA betting,both team to score,in play betting only full time results

Justbet has very client friendly odds.

There are delays while depositing and withdrawing cash but but everyone is paid within 12 hours



Phone: +254703065005


Twitter : @GameYetu

Facebook : GameYetu

BetYetu offers three betting options i.e : 3 way Home/Draw/Away with the odds in ratio form. An example of these odds are shown below:

Liverpool (9:5)

Draw (5:2)

Arsenal (8:5)

How do I deposit funds? Select Safaricom Menu on your handset
Select M-PESA option, navigate to Lipana M-PESA
Select Pay Bill Option
Enter business Number 850704, Account Number ‘Betyetu’
Enter Stake Amount
Enter your M-PESA PIN and confirm

If you want to withdraw funds from your account, send an email to customer support at support.ke@oxygen8.com.

5.Royal Kenya BETS


Royal Kenya bets offers a good number of betting options which are:

>Correct scores

>Total goals

>Both teams to score (BTTS)

>First team to score

>First goal scorer

>Double chance

1. Go to M-PESA on your phone
2. Select Pay Bill option
3. Enter Business no. 880185
4. Enter Account no: 254714852114
5. Enter the Amount you want to deposit (minimum Ksh10)
6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
7. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA
8. Your account will automatically be updated with the amount of your deposit
9. Go ahead and place your bets



Go-Bet is a UK based Betting Company. Its among the few international operators in ths industry that gives Kenyans a chance to place bets and win Cash.

Depositing Cash is via MPesa in the following order

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currently all deposits and withdrawals must be done through one of Go-bet’s registered outlets.


Deposits are made by purchasing a voucher through a betting shop, the value of this voucher can then be credited to your account instantly the next time you log on by following the simple instructions. When you log into your account go to ‘My Account’ then ‘Deposit Funds’


Withdrawals are made by request. When logged on go ‘My Account’ then ‘withdraw funds’ follow the instructions and once compete you will be able to collect your money from any go-bet betting shop.

More payment methods coming soon…

The major advantage with go-bet is that it offers In Play betting and many games ie Soccer, Basketball, Motorsports, American Football, Baseball, Cricket, Darts, Gaelic Football, Greyhounds, Golf, Horse Racing, Rugby Union and Snooker.

Settlement of bets is immediately you win. It doesn’t matter whether the match is over or not.

The main demerits with go-bet are the delays experienced during depositing and withdrawing cash. After depositing cash it takes time before the money reflects in your account. However, the good thing is that you will never lose your money. Finally you will get your cash.

The following are some of the betting options offered by go-bet: Euro Handicap, First Half Under/Over, 3 way Fist Half Home/Draw/Away, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time i.e 1/1 2/1 X/2, Goal Odd/Even, 3 way Home/Draw/Away, Goals over/Under, Both teams to score (BTTS) Yes/No, Double Chance Home/Away, 3 way First Half Home/Draw/Away and Most of all In Play Betting.

In Play Betting comprises of the following options: First team to score, To Win Rest Of The Match and many more options.


Gaming International offers a variety of services including odds betting for sports like soccer, basketball, Formula 1, boxing, tennis and much more. We also offer betting for virtual games like grayhound, virtual horse racing, motor sport, motor speedway and virtual soccer.

How to Buy credits using MTN Mobile Money

Your e-Gaming number must be an MTN Uganda Number and it is the only number you can use.

Go to the MTN Mobile Money menu on your phone.

Select Pay Bill from the Menu.

Select Pay Goods and services.

Enter QP as the code.

Enter the amount you want to use for buying the credits.

Enter GAMING as the Reference.

Enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

Your credits will be loaded into Gaming account shortly after payment.

How to Buy credits using Airtel Money

Your e-Gaming number must be an Airtel Uganda Number and it is the only number you can use.

Dial *185# to get the Airtel Money menu on your phone (phone_no).

Select Pay Bill from the Menu.

Select others from the next menu.

Enter 600500 as the business number.

Enter the amount that you want to use for buying the credits.

Enter GAMING as the Reference number OR Reason.

Follow the next steps to complete the transaction.

Your credits will be loaded into your Gaming account shortly after payment.

How to withdraw winnings By SMS

Send GET Amount to 7373. e.g Get 5000. The money is sent to your e-Gaming Number.

This is currently available for only Airtel Uganda numbers. MTN Uganda will also be activated soon.

How to withdraw winnings online to Mobile Money

Log into your Gaming account.

Click Withdraw winnings

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click the withdraw button on the form.

click send to send the money to your registered e-Gaming Number

This is available for both MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda

Gaming International currently offers the following betting options


>Goal jackpot

>Over/undert,double chance,btts,ht/ft


>Asian draw no bet

>Odd/even Goal

>Half with most most goals etc

8. 256BET


256 Bet is an international firm which also gives Kenyans a chance to bet and win

for Kenyan Clients
· Go to M- Pesa Menu
· Choose the SEND MONEY option
· For MOBILE NUMBER type 0702146242
· Enter the AMOUNT you wish to deposit
· Confirm the transaction details
· Enter your PIN
· Your account will be credited with the amount

9.Gold bet


email : support@goldbet.co.ke

It is among the few Kenyan Bookies with live or in play betting.Itfocuses on soccer, Tennis,Basketball,Handball,Rugby,Volleyball etc

In football for example,It has a variety of markets to choose from. They include: 3 way Home/Draw/Away, Goal scorer, Goals over/Under, Both teams to score (BTTS) Yes/No ,Double Chance Home/Away, 3 way Fist Half Home/Draw/Away, Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time i.e 1/1 2/1 X/2, Goal Odd/Even , Euro Handicap, First Half Under/Over etc…

REGISTRATION : To register for a Goldbet account please visitwww.goldbet.co.ke and click on the register button on the top right of the page


There are many other existing betting companies which you can use to earn a living. I will mention some of them in an alphabetical order.

1.BET365 – http://ww.bet365.com

2.Kenya Sports Bet – http://www.kenyasportsbet.com

3.WilliamHill – http://www.williamhill.com


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SportPesa Today’s Games prediction and analysis

So your one of those free loaders who wouldn’t part with a measly 200bob a week for Tupesa premium predictions and your stuck with continuous losses due to misleading odds and using some head to head analysis from the other sites I had provided.So where do you get free sportpesa predictions and tips backed by good reasoning and stats.A great place to look for Sportpesa today’s games predictions and analysis is from here. I wanted to answer a lot of questions many first timers to this website usually ask, where Kenyan punters whether betting on sportpesa,betpawa.co.keelitebetkenya,betin,betway,justbet or royalbet the challenges are the same.

I run a premium paid membership where I send my best prematch bets to members for a small weekly fee of Ksh.650 for 7 days of 4-8 bets per day sent by sms for daily games. Live betting is available on several websites in Kenya I prefer betpawa.co.ke.

After a lot of success over the last 3 years, i’ve decided to start Tupesa where I  answer questions from readers about my betting experience and betting in Kenya in general. Tupesa is designed to help people with their betting and get insight from someone with years of experience and bags of profit.

If you have any questions about my paid Sportpesa predictions membership, FREE In-plays, my betting experience or betting in Kenya general, be sure to contact us on 0710-792-715 (support line for daily matches and jackpots. Daily matches now cost kes 100 while Jackpots cost kes 250. We send them using typical SMS/Text Message service upon payment. Please note that payment can only be made to the number provided.) and we’ll have your questions answered and maybe up on site with my full answer as soon as possible!


I started betting for fun back in 2013 but it wasn’t until 2014 when I started taking the betting game seriously and realised that I could make an extra long term profit from it.
When I began taking things seriously in late 2014, I started with a Ksh.8,000 balance. This is the bank roll i’d recommend for anyone thinking of taking this game seriously.
Between 2012 and 2014, I just bet for fun so I have no idea what I staked or anything but its more than likely that I lost a bit of cash. I began recording everything from 2015. In 2015 I staked a total of 77,000 and I returned a total of 136,000, giving me a profit of 59,000

I have joined several betting sites in Kenya offering todays games other than sportpesa and I’m open / honest about this. What does this mean? I am able to get the most value since I can compare prices of several betting sites in Kenya for todays games. Does this mean you have to have many accounts ? OF COURSE NOT, as long as your betting site whether Sportpesa or whatever is comfortable for you continue to use it up to a point where you need more features that are not on your site.This is more so for sportpesa games where they have no LIVE BETTING,No DRAW NO BET(DNB),No UNDER/OVER 1.5 fulltime.
These are many more can be found on betpawa.co.ke. All you need to do is register there. Believe it or not, people who sign up for my paid membership are rarely ever on Sportpesa , its 69% likely that they have other betting sites like ,Bet Pawa, Bet Yetu, Mcheza and the rest to place their bets, so by producing consistent winners and making a long term profit (which I do). There’s a lot of people on social media who portray paid memberships  as scum, which isn’t true in my opinion. I’m human, I want to make as much money as possible and if this means I can do so by producing consistent winners for myself and my followers AS WELL AS making profit elsewhere, then who I am to say no to that. Please note that if you’re not a fan of paid Sportpesa predictions, simply don’t join and just follow the FREE tips found online or elsewhere.
I use many online resources to do my research but a lot comes from the knowledge i’ve acquired from years of experience. I know most leagues world wide inside out and this experience is something research can’t give you. As for statistical research, I use different sites to check recent form, team news, H2H comparison and even information that can have an effect on the game such as weather, location etc… I am also a member of several online tipping services that charge over $99 per week.
Yes, I have used a number of sites. Some or popular others not but across the board, Mjomba at Mjomba.com is my favourite. We have added their number here in this site because we believe they also have quality tips. East or west, you’ll come to find that Mjomba is the best hands down but you can also do your research if you want. If you want to try their tips, we have added the contact at the end of the article.

DISCIPLINE! Without being disciplined, you’ll lose your full bank very quickly. You must NEVER chase losses and you must realise that losing bets is all part of the game. If you think you’re going to win 100% of the time, you’ll lose 100% of the time in the long run. The quicker you accept on bad days that you have to shut the laptop and restart tomorrow instead of chasing losses, the quicker you’ll become disciplined. The reason 99.9% of bettors can’t make a long term gain from sportpesa is because they aren’t disciplined enough.
It all depends on how much I like the bet and what the odds are. For lower odds bets, I tend to bet a higher stake and for higher odds bets, I tend to keep the stakes at the lower end. I’ll never discuss my exact stakes or post images of my exact stakes but I post a photo of my balance at the end of almost every day, so why is that? As people know, my balance is a lot higher than probably 95% of my members so I don’t want to post images of me betting high stakes and encourage irresponsible gambling. I will NOT promote irresponsible gambling and I believe you should NEVER bet what you can’t afford, so by posting images of my balance each day instead of posting each bet and stake, i’m not in anyway encouraging people to follow high stakes, i’m instead showing the progression in my balance.

Glossary of some betting terms on Sportpesa an other widely used betting platforms like BetPawa.co.ke:

Pretty much every day of my life as a tipster I’m asked what something means
Here’s a quick glossary of some betting terms to help you understand:
Value – often misinterpreted as “Odds Against” / a bet over evens, but is actually the different between the bookmakers price on any selection vs your personal opinion of an event happening. E.G. If you feel Liverpool have a 70% chance of winning this weekend, they should be priced at 1.43 or 4/9. If instead they were priced at 4/6 then this indicates value for you as you feel the likely outcome is greater than the price being offered
  • U1.5, U2.5, U3.5 etc – the U here simply means Under

  • TG – Team Goals – O1.5TG for example would mean you need a team to score 2 or more

  • Treble – 3 selections that all need to win for your bet to win

  • Trixie – a bet with 3 selections where your stake is placed equally on 3 doubles and a treble. E.G. A 50p trixie on selections ABC would total £2 with 50p placed on AB, AC, BC and ABC

  • Single – a bet containing only one selection

  • Spreads – another term for handicap

  • WDW – means Win-Draw-Win and is often used to describe the most popular market in football betting which is the outcome of the match
  • SP – means “starting price” and indicates the price of a selection at the point when the event begins

  • Stake – the amount you place on a selection

  • O1.5, O2.5, O3.5 etc – The O here simply means Over

  • Odds On – when the price of a selection is lower than EVENS it’s described as “Odds On”

  • Odds Against – when the price of a sleection is greater than EVENS it’s described as “Odds Against”

  • Outlay – the amount of money you have on any selection

  • NAP – mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the best bet of the day

  • NB – stands for “Next Best” and is again mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the 2nd best bet of the day

  • MG – Match Goals – the total number of goals in a match

  • Lay – the opposite of backing a bet is to “lay” it or to bet against a particular outcome

  • Longshot – an outsider that is deemed to have less chance of winning by the bookmakers

  • Lump – the act of putting a larger than normal bet on a selection. Not reccommended

  • Acca / Accumulator – a bet using multiple selections

  • Inplay – betting on a selection that is happening now and live
  • Handicap – a way of creating value in bets by either giving a team a goal or more headstart or starting from a losing position. E.G. Man City -1 Handicap would mean they need to win by 2 or more
  • GG – an abbreviation of Goals Galore, the same as Both Teams to Score
  • Double – two selections that both need to win for your bet to win
  • Cover – if you backed Over 2.5 Goals in a game and there were 2 early goals, the act of then backing Under 2.5 Goals to guarantee a win either way is known as a “cover” bet
  • Arb / Arbitrage – to back all outcomes of an event in such a way that a win is guaranteed

  • BTTS / BTS – Both Teams to Score / Both To Score

  • Back – to “back” a bet means to bet on the outcome happening

  • Banker – a bet that is expected to win

  • DNB – Draw No Bet – You get a refund if the game ends in a draw

  • DC – means double chance, backing a team to either win or draw a game

  • FH – an abbreviation of First Half

  • FGS – First Goalscorer

  • FT – Full Time

  • Favourite – the most likely outcome of an event according to bookmakers

  • Form – a guide of recent performances

  • Evens – when the price of a selection is more than 2.

You may bump into one or several of such times but bettingwide, they are definitely something you need to learn and master! By the way, have you guys played on betpawa.co.ke?


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