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Sportpesa App Download

Its an android app in APK format downloaded by clicking the sentence above.

I made this page since the Sportpesa website does not render well on some phones.

But wait there is more…

Click here to download Sportpesa APP instantly

So how would anyone normally download the Sportpesa app

You would only need to go to:

Sportpesa.com and click in to top right menu on the sportpesa app icon which would lead you to https://www.sportpesa.com/referrals/spesapp  which is the official download page for the Sports pesa app.

So whats so cool about this app anyway?

  1. You no longer have to trouble yourself with looking for Sportpesa SMS codes.
  2. You no longer have to use the website to get sportpesa today’s games.
  3. Its absolutely free .
  4. Very efficient on the data bundles.
  5. Super easy to use-after a few minutes.
  6. Has an amazing user experience and user interface.

Side note: Rumor has it that  the Sportpesa app may soon enable livebetting and more betting markets .



1.Go to MPESA menu

Select payment services

Click on paybill

enter business number as 955100

enter the account number as SPORTPESA

enter ammount you want to transfer to your Sportpesa Account

Ener your MPESA pin and confirm the request.


Click on the three lines in the top left to open a sidebar menu in the app.


In the new window that opens enter the amount you wish to withdraw and do so.


Tapping the star of any team will add it to the favorites.

Tapping the +12 icon gives you access to other betting markets like:over/under 2.5 goals

Taping on a pick will select it. It changes colour and is added to your betslip.

sportpesa apk. download bet slip

Your done selecting click on the betslip

sportpesa app multibet

This enables your to REMOVE a selection from your sportpesa multibet.

Decide and write the amount your betting on.

Calculates total odds and possible winnings

And most importantly enables you to PLACE A BET.


spesa jp bet icon

Jackpot icon is visible on the action bar.

After click it shows you the jackpot games.

once the user starts making jackpot picks the sportpesa jackpot betslip will be shown.

Enter bet amount ie. 100 ksh. and click the blue PLACE BET button


-The spesa app will not load if the internet is on on.

-You need to login first to place a bet.

-If your unable to login ,you might be a new user click the registration button and register.


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March 14th, 2016 by Mary Ongubo


Everyone is always looking for a better betting site in Kenya than sportpesa which has milked Kenyans bare leading to bitter proverbs such as “Sportpesa si ya Mamako“, worry no more Kenyan bettors mcheza.co.ke is here to help.

Mcheza got its fair share of the jokes when its started back in 2015 such as this ones:

  •  ‘m’ in mCheza stands for ‘MJINGA”
  • mcheza joke of the month jackpot 10/13 bonus message “Your bet 12144945 has won 371.00 Kes”

So what exactly is Mcheza?

Mcheza is a product of julie Gichuru in collaboration with the fine looking people at Acumen Communications and Intralot who invested Ksh.1 billion on the site that has the looks of Bet365 and  functions exactly like Sportpesa with a few additions.

It technically is no more than a better looking and better functioning Sportpesa wannabe site.

Lets get it cracking with everything you need to know about this Spesa on steroids.

Register to mCHEZA by sending the word CHEZA via SMS to our short code, 29888. 


Deposit cash to your mcheza a/c via Safaricom Mpesa Paybill number : 295525 Account name: MCHEZA.


Its basically exactly the same as sportpesa

To place a simple bet,

SMS the Game ID, the betting selection & the amount you wish to bet to 29888

To place a Multibet

SMS the Game ID’s and the betting selections separated by # before putting the amount, to 29888

Example : 1234#X#4567#1#7879#1#100

How to check Balance.

To check the balance on your mCHEZA account, please SMS the word “Balance” to 29888

How to Withdraw

To withdraw money from your mCHEZA account, please SMS the phrase Cashout#amount to 29888

Cancel a bet:

In case the players wants to cancel a bet then he has to send the word “Cancel” followed by “#” and the bet id received in the bet confirmation message to 29888. The cancelation procedure has to take place within a time period of 10 minutes after the acceptance of the bet and before the kick off of the matches that are included in player’s selections.



Types of Bet Markets on Mcheza:

Final Result

In Final Result the player has to predict correctly the final outcome of a football match, by using the marks “1”, “X”, “2” (where “1” is a win for the home team, “X” for a tie/draw result between the teams and “2” a win for the away team).

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#1#100 

Under/Over 2,5

In this bet type the player is asked to predict if the total number of goals scored by both teams in a football match is “under” or “over” the limit of 2.5 goals.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#OV25#100

First Half Result

In the 1st Half Result the player has to correctly predict the final outcome of the first half of football matches , by using the marks “1”, “X”, “2” (where “1” is a win for the home team, “X” for a tie/draw result between the teams and “2” a win for the away team).

Under/Over 1,5 – First Half

In the bet type Under / Over 1.5 – First Half the player is asked to predict if the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the first half of a football match is “under” or “over” the limit of 1.5 goals.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#HT1#OV15#100

Half Time/Full Time

In the market Half time/Full time the player has to predict the combination of the half time result and the final result of football matches. There are 9 possible combinations of outcomes for each match, each with separate odds.

Goal/No Goal

The player is asked to predict if both teams will score (“Goal”) in a football match or any one of the two teams or both teams will not score (“No Goal”) in a football match.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#GG#100

Total Goals Exactly

In the bet type “Total Goals Exactly” the player is asked to predict the exact number of goals that will be scored in a football match.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#GE0#100

Sum Of Goals

The player is asked to predict if the total number of goals scored in a football match will be within a specific range. There are three different ranges: “0-1”, “2-3” and “4+”.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#SG01#100

Correct Score

In the bet type Correct Score, the player has to predict the exact final score of football matches (e.g. 1-3, 5+-2, 2-0, etc.). There are 36 such combinations for every match that cover all possible scores that may occur (indication 5+ covers any score that includes 5 goals or more for the specific team). Own goals count for the team in whose favor they have been scored.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#CS10#100

Correct Score – First Half

In the bet type Correct Score – First Half, the player has to predict the exact score of football matches (e.g. 1 – 0, 1-3, 4+- 2, etc.) at the end of the first half. There are 16 such combinations for every match that cover all possible scores that may occur (indication 3+ covers any score that includes 3 goals or more for the specific team). Own goals count for the team in whose favor they have been scored.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#HT1#CS10#100

Double Chance

In the Double Chance Final Result the player has to predict correctly the final outcome of a football match. With the Double Chance the player can cover two of the three possible outcomes in a football match with one bet.

To bet via SMS send to 29888: 1037#DC1X#100


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February 19th, 2016 by Mary Ongubo

Insider Secret:How Sportpesa REALLY Makes Money

So you keep wondering how Sportpesa really sets the odds especially for KPL matches.Here is basic insider information on how major bookies work their system to get odds.There is no secret that Spesa always has an advantage over the bettors , as they have comprehensive information about the participants of events and creates lines with a view to minimizing their risks . Some professional bettors naively believe that if they will bet on some little-known events, such as Russia’s second division match, the ignorant Sportpesa is sure to make a mistake and offer them high odds. In practice, it says only one thing, the so-called “professional” has no idea how bookmakers line is formed actually. A bookmarkers line is what you call the ODDS for an event. And it is very useful to know , because having such information and analyzing it, you can really afford to gain an advantage, but first things first .


Chance of any outcome varies from 0 to 100%, or from 0 to 1. Each event can have several outcomes. For example, in a football game can beat the home team,away team or a draw. Each outcome has a probability. Sum of the probabilities of all outcomes is always 100%.Experts at Sportpesa are required to estimate the probability of each outcome as good as possible.


To estimate the probability Sportpesa uses:


– Statistics of previous games teams;


– A list of injured players;


– Motivating the team and individual players;


– Relationships within the team and between the players and coach;


– The situation surrounding the future transition of players to other teams or the expectations of the arrival of new players, it affects the morale of the team;


– Objectives of the team in the tournament, which is held as part of the match;


– The country, the city, the stadium where the match will take place (based on this: the duration of the flight, the aggressiveness of the fans and the level of support, covering the lawn, etc.);


– Loyalty arbitrators appointed for the match;


– Weather forecast at the time of the event;


and many other factors.


After a deep analysis of the people in charge of setting the odds display the probability for each outcome of sports events. It further needs to value from 0 to 1 (50% 0.5 = 30% = 0.3, 7 = 0.07%). Thereafter, the unit (1) divided by the probability values and the coefficients are obtained. For example, for a 50% ratio is: 1/0.5 = 2.0, 30% for: 1/0.3 = 3.33 to 7%: 1/0.07 = 14.29.


The resulting coefficients are aligned chance event outcomes and are thus the odds. If the odds are defined correctly, Sportpesa does not care, on what  outcome of the event players will bet. This is due to the fact that if a lot of these will be played exactly the same match, the outcome will be distributed evenly: the home team to win every other match, a draw will occur in 3 of the 10 matches, and only the away team to win 7 times out of 100. But if the coefficients are calculated correctly, the winnings will never exceed the amount of money raised for all outcomes of the same event.


An exception may be only the case at the Sportpesa, when a large amount of money placed on one outcome, and there comes the so-called money-skewed line. Professional bettors  are constantly noticing a situation where the odds vary in line near the beginning of the match compared to earlier during the day or a day earlier. This is due to the fact that the sport pesa adjusts the line due to the fact that on one outcome put a lot more money than the opposite, and it is desirable uniform distribution rates.In this case, they lure players to high odds(ie. coefficients of the outcome), which is not set. A small odds on the outcome, on which the most money is raised, push away those who would like to bet on favorite team like Barca and Real Madrid matches .At least thats the theory part.

In practice, of course, each bookie more so Sportpesa does not create his own line except for local matches in the Kenya Premier League(KPL). For these purposes they would have to hire specialists forecasters very high class for each sport, and this can afford only favorites .
In practice, most bookmakers simply rewrite the line with each other. Bookmaker try to limit bets to minimize their risks . Let’s look at the principle of lines forming on small local competition in stages to ensure, that waiting for an error from the bookmaker – a thankless task .Bookmakers find a way out of this situation. And the way out of this situation is mutual assistance. Large and small, local and foreign operators start, like a big family, helping each other.
The process of forming the line here undergoes four key stages. Let us examine each of them in detail on the example of the Russian Basketball League match Khimki – Unix:
The first – is the formation of the initial line. This “dirty work” in the bulk operate sportsbooks that are closest to the action. A Sportpesa bookmaker can only wait and monitor the activity of players and cash flows on a given line. Based on these data , Sportpesa bookmakers form their odds. eg. 1.5 – 2.5
The second key step is ” ramming the line .” It usually begins the day before the match. At this stage giants like betting Bet365,Betwin, Ladbrokes or Gamebookers begin to exhibit their lines market. As in the case of the first stage, at the stage of “ramming” closely monitored by the number and size of bets on each of the outcomes , and the line is adjusted on the basis of these data. At this stage the office actively begin check their lines with lines of competitors and rewrite them. If we return to our match Khimki-Unix, at this stage the odds already constitute 1.35-2.80.
The third and most important stage in the formation of lines is “global rewriting”. The name speaks for itself. Rewriting traditionally begins on the morning of the match when occurs players main activity. Coming to work at 8 am, Sportpesa spread their lines in 12-13 hours a day. In the 4 hours they are using special software that scan active bettors, monitors the main financial flows, compare their data with the competitors, and based on this information publish the most optimal odds, which is issued for their own. Thus, 5 hours before the beginning of the match , we have the coefficients of 1.39 to win Khimki and 2.70 UNIKS to win.
It is at the stage of global rewriting included in the formation of lines, most bookmakers , including all Kenyan bookmakers such as Sportpesa,Betin,Betway,mCheza,Justbet just to name a few . This phase – the most important for bettors who want to get the best conditions . Global rewriting lines – real time in order to make a bet ( provided that you still see somewhere advantage over the line ). Experts prefer to catch the most “delicious” odds on the stage of ” ramming “.
The fourth and final stage – the line correction. At this stage, the whole market (all bookies both in Kenya and internationally)comes around to a consensus about the odds line up for the match . Once the line becomes public Sportpesa begins to adjust the line depending on how the cash balance is distributed. At the same time to adjust the lines take into account data on the compositions , injuries, disqualifications , etc. Analyzing the results of cash flow, bookie put the odds on totals and special offers. Sometimes at this stage odds can vary greatly.
So what we have in the end ? In theory, every bookmaker should independently form a line. In practice, it turns out that an ordinary player bets against the whole world betting system , which jointly produces favorable odds for 36 hours.
Conclusion – if you want to gain an advantage , it is better to bet for 2-1.5 days before the match , when the probability of bookmaker error is very high. Anticipate bookmakers in searching for information, anticipate odds movements and always be slightly ahead of the system.

You can Beat Sportpesa if you can only learn how to use most all of the above factors .. In sportpesa offices are working people, and of course they are wrong 2-1.5 days before the match . At first glance, these errors are not visible and can only be found after careful analysis.


Enjoy the game!


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I guess a congrats is in order.
You made it this far.

The questions is … do you have what it takes to stick around?

I’m going to expose you to some stuff that is going to make your eyes water.

What I’ll be sharing is going to scare the hell out of you. Yet at the same time excite you like nothing else.

You see, we do things differently around here.

Instead of following the crowd and the “goo-roos” and conforming to the status quo … well, let’s just say that we zag when everyone else zigs.

You’ll see why shortly.

Before I launch into the good stuff (that eye watering stuff), it would be rude not to do quick introductions.

best sportpesa predictions

Like who the hell are we anyway?

And why should you pay attention to what we have to say?

At Tupesa we have a little badass ninja team of non-conformists.

There’s yours truly,TupesaKing’ori (cofounder). I’m the technical guy. I am a statistician and economist.

That’s my “superpower”.

The thing that I’m most well known for.

I’m also the author of Mjomba.com . Nominated for Kenyas best business blog.

Then there’s Kelvin Mugereki(cofounder). His “superpower” is traffic.

He generates close to a million visitors a year for tupesa from Google.

He has an MBA and a psychology degree.And makes all his money betting.

We don’t just teach this stuff.

We’re in the trenches every day DOING and EXECUTING what we teach.

Now I have a question for you.

Take your time to come up with the answer.


“Why would you buy bet predictions?”

Think about that for a minute.

Not just the surface answer.

Like to “get money” or to “do this” or “do that”.

But think about the REAL underlying reason WHY you (ultimately) buy a sportpesa or elitebet or betway or whaterver you use prediction.

Do you have your answer?

We can’t guess your answer (we may be a team of superheroes but we still can’t read minds … yet).

It may differ from us. But we doubt it.

For us the bottom line is about PROFITS.

As in making cold hard cash-o-la. Or to make more of it.

Makes sense, yes?

Next question.


“Faced with two choices, the easy (fast) option or the harder (slower) option, which would you choose?

This is not a trick question.


No surprise if you went for the easy/fast choice. Our guess is that 99.99% of people would have answered that.

It’s human nature.

Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Who honestly chooses the hard/slow route anyway?

Truth is, we would answer easy/fast too. And therein lies the BIG PROBLEM.

Because in business the two don’t play well together.

Like oil and water.

Sad really.

Because EASY FAST PROFITS is really the “Holy Grail”, isn’t it?

It’s the big dream.

The shiny object.

The Sportpesa,Mcheza,Betin or  Betway Kenya JACKPOT.

The sex appeal of it.

It’s IRRESISTIBLE … certainly early on.

We were no different.

Like a moth to a flame early on both Kevin and I got seduced by the lie.

Damn it, it almost screwed me. Loosing over 40k trying to win the JP.

I almost found myself back looking for a “job” at one point.

Which really wasn’t an ideal scenario seen as though I’m very much UNEMPLOYABLE.

The REASON WHY we struggled our asses off when we first started in this crazy business, was because we connected the two answers together.


Oil and water, remember?

They’re not synchronous.

Here is a quote from one of the worlds wisest men,Charlie Munger:

Any damn fool can see that a horse carrying a light weight with a wonderful win rate and a good post position etc., etc. is way more likely to win than a horse with a terrible record and extra weight and so on and so on. But if you look at the odds, the bad horse pays 100 to 1, whereas the good horse pays 3 to 2. Then it’s not clear which is statistically the best bet using the mathematics of Fermat and Pascal. The prices have changed in such a way that it’s very hard to beat the system.

Given those mathematics, is it possible to beat the horses only using one’s intelligence? Intelligence should give some edge, because lots of people who don’t know anything go out and bet lucky numbers and so forth. Therefore, somebody who really thinks about nothing but horse performance and is shrewd and mathematical could have a very considerable edge, in the absence of the frictional cost caused by the house take.

And the o­ne thing that all those winning betters in the whole history of people who’ve beaten the betting system have is quite simple. They bet very seldom.

It’s not given to human beings to have such talent that they can just know everything about everything all the time. But it is given to human beings who work hard at it ‑ who look and sift the world for a mispriced be that they can occasionally find o­ne.

And the wise o­nes bet heavily when the world offers them that opportunity. They bet big when they have the odds. And the rest of the time, they don’t. It’s just that simple.

That is a very simple concept. And to me it’s obviously right based on experience not only from the betting system, but everywhere else.

We at Tupesa are the fanatics -we eat ,drink and live betting. And only when the odds are right do we send the predictions to our members .

More recently, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out his personal philosophy — the one he says will guide the company moving forward it.

It is a 21st-century manifesto for a new way of doing business. In it he says:

  • We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services.
  • We don’t wake up in the morning with the primary goal of making money
  • These days I think more and more people want to use services from companies that believe in something beyond simply maximizing profits.
  • By focusing on our mission and building great services, we believe we will create the most value for our shareholders and partners over the long term…

We at Tupesa embrace this values and apply them daily in our jobs.Consequently, the side effect of “changing the world” (the betterment of others) is typically a crap load of money.

In 2015 I decided to change my core thinking. I started tupesa.co.ke.That was my decision. For me, it has paid off. Massively.

I choose to give a fuck. I choose to be different. I choose to have a personality. I choose to reject the status quo. I choose to maintain my core values and never “sell out”.

I choose to change the world, if only in a small way:

What about you? Have the guts to roll the dice. Perhaps it’s time to make the right decision.

The point of it was to give you a glimpse into how we think.

And how you prob’ly need to start thinking too if you wanna crush it (or even just compete) in competitive real money markets.

Tupesa Members will always going to beat the average gambler/punter who gets screwed by sportpesa everyday.

It was impossible for him to lose. The end result was inevitable.



See Profit and Loss statement for Tupesa Predictions here

Join us today by contacting 0710-792-715

Creator: tupesa.co.ke

P.S. This isn’t a system you have to learn. We give you the exact bets to place and it’s so easy to use that even if you’ve never placed a bet before you can start profiting from our uncanny ability to pick winners.

P.P.S. This service costs Ksh.500  per month on subscription. With the odds of some of the winners We’ve given to our members, it’s possible you’ll be turning a profit from just a single bet.

P.P.P.S. We reserve the right to raise/lower the price in the future or to close the doors entirely to people wishing to join. Guarantee your place in our exclusive membership circle at this bargain basement price by signing up right now.

Disclaimer: Any and all claims or representations, as to income earnings are not to be considered as average earnings. There can be no assurance that any prior success, or past results, as to income earnings, can be used as an indication of future success or results.

Where testimonials are used, these are to highlight customers who have done well using the service, these are genuine positive examples of what people have achieved, but are by no means representative of the average user. As this is a gambling service there are no guarantees whatsoever that you will repeat the success of the examples given in the testimonials and there are no guarantees that results we have achieved in the past will be repeated in the future.

Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. No guarantees are given as to the amount you will make from betting, any examples or testimonials should be treated as extreme examples. By using our websites, services and downloads you agree that our company and our affiliates are not responsible for the success or failure of your actions resulting from the use or misuse of our website, products and / or services or anything we recommend.


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November 5th, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

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July 22nd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

Sportpesa Online Betting Secrets

Want to know how professional gamblers win these article reveals the best methods behind their greatest winnings. Their system is very very simple. Basically some use the notion that anything with odds between 0.0 and 0.35 are ‘safe’ bets. So, all you do is never bet on anything where the odds are above 0.35! Start for instance with ksh500,and for argument’s sake every bet is with odds of 0.2, you put ksh500 on this bet, and whatever your winnings you add onto that ksh500 and bet that total on the next one.

Sportpesa Today’s Games

This is one of the safest ways but as a football gambler you should know that regardless of how you bet or how much you bet you will lose at sometimes as they say even good teams which seem perfect to win loose.

You need to know how to cover to limit the loss covered. If you are a multi-gambler never bet on the same game also it is not cool to exceed your limit with the goal of attaining riches never bet on ksh1000 while you are used to placing ksh100 bet you are destined to poverty as you only increase risk of loosing when the ksh100 is gone it is gone and it very hard to recover it these are the basic signs that you are turning into a chronic gambler.
A good gambler makes his or her analyses based on two techniques; one is team history or statistics sourcing them from tipster websites. Two is what you may call “feeling” basing it with teams which have an almost absolute high percentage of winning e.g teams at the top three of league table however this method as its limits as there are football matches which are big surprises. There are football matches, which are absolute surprise for everybody.
The key to winning is using money management. Bet the same amount on every game and then when you win more games than you lose at the end of any season your guaranteed to make a profit! That’s why professionals use proper money management. Remember the goal is to win more than you lose, so if you’re serious about winning big money, bet like a pro.

Remember, you only live once so make it count. There’s one thing worse then even death, that’s living a life not worth living. Defeat is not the worst failure possible. Never trying anything to better ones life is the only real failure even possible.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to live the good life, you only need to make more money then you spend.


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March 31st, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

Sportpesa jackpot predictions

This article will be updated everyday till friday to cover all games and accomodate any new factors that come in play eg injuries,suspensions,new managers and distractions.Check our arguments regarding each game in our deeply intergrated analytical approach where we determine the main factor that will decide a certain match and give an appropriate prediction.


Sunderland have a new coach after firing Gus Poyet and the new man,Dick Advocaat will be looking for a ist win after losing 1-0 to westham last weekend a game they dominated and created chances.Tasked with helping the black cats beating the drop,Dick will definitely want to kick off that endeavour by winning at home,to appease fans and build confidence.Carver on the other hand has failed to emulate Pardew at Newcastle,and has been in an unentreprising losing streak since getting the job,particularly away from home.Moreover,this North west derby has always been dominated by Sunderland,who have won all of them save for a draw back in 2012.

PICK- Sunderland win

Though Lyon’s slip up last week allowed PSG to reclaim their top spot for a long time in Ligue one,they are only a point clear of Lyon and 2 clear of 3rd placed Marseille.Psg have shown inconsistent form this season,particularly away from home.Their overall form looks good but should not disguise the fact that they are up against the “Bielsa effect”. Marcelo Bielsa has overseen the resurgence of Marseille and the Ligue one title is still within his sights.I fancy a draw here given that PSG would not want to lose given their weaknesses away from home,and have already forced draws against top sides Lyon and Monaco.Marseille will be cautious of any slip ups too,and i believe caution should decide this game.


This game should be easy to predict given Valencia’s home form.They have won their last 5 home games including including precious wins over Zenit and Sevilla.They also drew 1-1 away with Champions Athletico away from home,showing their serious champions league ambition.Villareal have only won 1 out of 5 games and have not beaten Valencia since 2010.Valencia should be comfortable here .

PICK-Valencia win.

Though Burnley are firm favourites for relegation,they still have a fighting chance.To be fair,the results have not reflected their efforts of late,but they should be commended for a good effort against a very hectic fixture-playing City,Chelsea,Liverpool,Southampton and Swansea in the last 5 games.More interesting,they managed a 1-0 win over city and a 1-1 draw against Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge!In the process,they only conceded 6 goals.
Totenham have been inconsistent away from home,conceding 9 goals in the process.They were lucky to beat Leicester last weekend and their defence has been very unstable.With Burnley keeping it tight against top sides higher than totenham in the table,i trust they can thwart Harry Kane and give Pochettino a nightmare of sorts.They have nothing to lose, and can fight themselves out of relegation.I see them effecting a Totenham scalp here.

PICK: Burnley win

Leicester are honestly a top side and its rather unfortunate that they are bottom of the league.They successfully fought back and beat Man utd 5-3 last year and proved it wasnt a guess by fighting back at Liverpool to earn a 2-2 draw from 2 goals down.Last week,they would feel bad to enventually lose 4-3 to tottenham after another epic comeback.West ham are really out of form this year,winning only one game in 5 matches and none away from home.Leicester should take this chance to make their recent efforts count by winning at home.They have actually won twice at home in the last 5 games ,and drawn 0-0 with Hull.They should beat Big Sam’s boys who have won nothing away recently and shipped back 11 goals.

PICK: Leicester win.

More analysis coming up ,but please give us your feedback on the nearly half jackpot games analysed above.Are there other factors?Stay tuned in this page to find out as we come back with more predictions.

Our jackpot predictions are complete ,and here is the analysis of the remaining games.Most of Ligue 1 and relegation threatened teams in La liga are hard to predict and we recommend that our readers use our analysis to inform their instinct and make a decision (maybe different from ours) based on personal conviction.


Getafe are 13th in the table but not clear of relegation battles while Depo are 16th with 26pts ,3 behind Getafe and under more immediate threat.Both have inconsistent form winning very few games the entire season.
In the face of a relegation threat,teams try to make out of any advantages,such as playing at home.Getafe has capitalised on home advantage ,winning 3 out of 5 home games ,while Depo have won only one away game in 5.Depo will try to play for a draw here atleast to avoid defeat having played two 0-0 draws at Almeria and Levante already.However,Getafe should take full advantage of playing at home,having failed to score against Moyes’ defensive Sociedad and a good Villareal side only.

Pick :Getafe win


Tolouse have lost all 5 away games and won only 1 out of 5 overall.Metz are however worse,won none,drawn twice in the last 5 games,thats 2 points from a possible 15,disconcerting!Both teams are locked in the relegation battle and don’t look likely to survive.

Strikingly,both teams have failed to find the net recently,Tolouse scoring in only 1 out of 5 games,while Metz have scored in only 2 out of 5 games.I expect these 2 sides to play a draw,most likely a 0-0.



Rennes are 11th place clear of relegation battle while Lorient are only 2 points clear of the drop.Though Lorient are threatened by the drop,they are kinda on form,unbeaten in 5 games,drawing twice.The head to head record of these teams show only 1 draw,thus only a win is likely from either side.

Rennes having lost 4 out of their 5 away games can be fancied to lose here.The same fixture last year ended in a 2-0 win for Lorient and thus can do the double over Rennes given their desperation and superb home form.

PICK:Lorient win

Both teams are firm relegation favourites and are level on 25 points,Almeria ahead on goal difference.
Almeria are winless in 5 straight matches,drawing twice.Levante have won only 2 at home,but lost all their 5 away matches.

While Levante will be keen to improve on their away record and overtake their rivals,Almeria will be just capable to force a draw and atleast avoid losing.They have forced 3 draws so far against R.Sociedad,Villareal and Depo at home.

PICK: Draw


Southampton are a really quality side looking at their masterclass against Chelsea a fortnight ago.Their only loss is a 1-0 to West brom and have otherwise won 4 out of 5 away games.With Wanyama and Snerdlin fit in midfield,they are very strong side.

Everton have massively underperfomed this season but have seen a resurgence in recent weeks picking vital wins over Newcastle and QPR recently.Martinez will be keen to build on that,and with his culture of finishing strongly which was characteristic of his tenure at Wigan,expect him to get a result out of this.
Its hard to pick a winner when two quality managers meet like this,and i expect an end to end affair that will end up in sharing the spoils.

PICK: Draw


This is gonna be a crunch clash at the Signal Iduna park this weekend.Though BVB are still wobbling after recovering from possible relegation shock ,the rivalry between these two teams will never lose its gloss.Evidence is the last meeting at the Allianz Arena which Bayern won,but not without a scare.

Bayern come to this game without key players Robben and Ribery,and have recently lost to top sides in the Bundesliga ,Wolfsburg and B.Monchengladbach.Neuer has conceded goals and with Lewy unlikely to make an impact against his former side,i fancy the return of key BVB players Reus,Gundogan and Bender,fueled up by the need for revenge to propel Dortmund to Victory.

PICK:Dortmund win


Augsburg are out of form,winning only 1 out of 5 games and only 2 of the last 5 home games.Schalke are still recovering from a poor start with Di Matteo’s young team level on points with Augsburg on the table.They are also in poor away form winning none of their last 5 away games in the Bundesliga.

Augsburg has drawn twice at home,Schalke have drawn twice away in 5 games.Coincidentally,these teams have drawn twice in the last 5 head-to-head matches thus given the league tie position and the aforementioned,i see a draw here.



Nantes are in midtable and have won thrice,drawn once and lost 2 at home(last 5 games).Caen are in the relegation battle,but have found “desperate form”, winning 2 and drawing once in 5 away games.Their head to head record suggests Nantes have won 2 and Caen 1 and 2 draws in the last 5 head-to-head matches.

In a relegation battle,a team should be able to square out with any opponent within their ability.With Caen giving it their all,i expect them to atleast grind a draw here.



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December 16th, 2014 by Mary Ongubo

A new betting game is in town albeit mostly to the interest of soccer fans. But being that money is involved; any person with an interest in gambling will find it very lucrative. The new kid in the block is SportPesa; a creation of Pevans E.A Ltd. All you need to do is to predict correctly the outcome of a given game and earn yourself a multiple of your money deposited in your SPESA account.
Before you jump to conclusions even about the Sportpesa jackpot

How SportPesa Works

For you to participate in the betting, you need to first open an account with SportPesa. This has been made as simple as sending an SMS with the word “Game” to 79079. You will then receive a user name, PIN and pay-bill number from your mobile phone operator to use in depositing money into your account. All the four Kenyan mobile operators are offering the service.

Once you are done with registration and you have deposited at least ksh.100 into your SPESA account, you are then legible to participate in the betting.

For any given game, there is a game ID which is a four digits number e.g. 1234 which you use to choose the game you want to bet on from the listed games. You can bet for a win for the home team (1), a draw (X) or a win for the visiting team (2). The multiples for the betting increase from the home team win to the visiting team win, e.g. in a game between Harambee Stars and the Super Eagles played in Kenya, the multiples could hypothetically look like shown below:

Home Team Win (1) (Harambee Stars) – 1.56

Draw (X) – 2.01

Visiting Team Win (2) (Super Eagles) – 2.98

Having bet with your Kshs 100 that the home team will win, your money will be multiplied with 1.56 and you get back Kshs 156. The same happens with the other predictions. However, in case your prediction was wrong, you lose all your money that you had bet. The maximum amount you can bet with is limited to Kshs 20,000.

There is a weekly jackpot that can go beyond Kshs 5,000, 000 on every week for which you have to predict a set of about 13 games correctly for you to win the money. This happens to be the hardest but the most tantalizing and enticing betting on the Sports Pesa platform.

There are two types of betting: single betting where you only bet on one game and multiple betting where you bet on a set of several games. For the multiple betting, you have to predict all the games correctly for you to win the multiple odds at your disposal. On the other hand, the single betting is a case of either winning or losing depending on the outcome of the one game you bet over.


Is SportPesa a Scam?

Going by the easy money that the betting game is offering, it might appear to be a scam to many. However, in my analytical perspective, the game is just as safe as any other gambling in the casinos around town. The odds are there for any participant to either win or lose. The regulations governing the gaming are not any different from the normal betting games in our casinos.

Looking at the football fever that has been generated by the world cup, the company is set to make as much money as they can dream of. With good cash inflows, I doubt whether the owners will be willing to exit the market niche they have curved for themselves.

In addition, not long after the world cup, the next season for the premier leagues in Europe will be starting and with a growing football fanaticism, you can expect the numbers of gamblers in this new platform not to reduce. Kenyans are also known for their love of gambling and other betting games even on radio stations, TVs and newspapers. The majority of football maniacs also happen to be the young people most of whom love quick money without much sweat.

All the foresaid factors then point to a lucrative business for the owners as the gambling addicts continue making and losing money each day.Whether SportPesa is here to stay or it’s just a passing cloud, you can tell that from the increasing number of casinos in town.

As you participate in the betting, remember that gambling is addictive and can result to lose of all your money. Be cautious!


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December 16th, 2014 by Mary Ongubo

How to win SportPesa Jackpot

Its quite an obssession to all Kenyan punters.Sportpesa offers a cool 5-9m cash prize to anyone who correctly predicts the 13 games in their Jackpot.Incidentally,the Jackpot was won last weekend,worth 8.9m,only for the second time in close to a year now since its inception.It entails a 100 KES stake for all the 13 games offerred weekly,quite affordable.

There has been debate on whether the Jackpot can be won or not.Apparently it can!The ist winner walked way with 5m and now the second has bagged 8.9m.For those asking,Pevans can afford to pay a Jackpot winner every week.Sportpesa is not only a 400m investment ,but also makes millions from the same Jackpot every week through those who do not win it.

Facts about winning the Sportpesa Jackpot

1.It requires Patience.Only 2 winners in a year only means one thing,its not easy (though still possible)to win the jackpot at the ist trial.You gotta keep trying each and every week.The reason why there are not too many winners is because many people are giving up within a short time.No matter how deep your analysis is,the probabilities involved in 13 matches are  very high,and thus the chances of winning remain slim at a single event.Patiently playing it every week is the only way to coming closer to win it.

2.Every Strategy has a chance.The jackpot games are played in the one way win-draw-win ,and  being 13 matches,alot of chance rather than genius is involved.Thus,whatever your betting strategy is,eg home wins or the favourite wins,one day it will be spot on.In betting, quite often a trend is achieved eg in one weekend all the favourites win.This means that if one is consistent with their betting strategy,they stand a great chance to win one day.The probabilities will roam until one day they settle on your predictions.Therefore,now that your strategy is valid,be consistent and wait for your lucky day!

3.Though luck is involved,it cannot be won blindly like other lotterries that are pure chance.The jackpot needs first,a betting strategy,that will be informed by a mild analysis.For instance,the chances of winning the jackpot with choosing winners randomly (read  eyes closed) is minimal.There are obvious games that can be predicted correctly.Thus,ist do a little research on each game and apply your betting strategy ,eg Select all favourites to win and in form underdogs to draw.

The best way to win the Jackpot is though the Tupesa Sportpesa Jackpot cracker challenge to check it out

Viable betting Strategies to employ in predicting the jackpot

1.All favourites to win.This can be done in two ways.One ,you can research on all the teams and place wins for the teams that are displayed as stronger by head to head stats and analysis like the one in this site,or you can use the odds provided by the bookie on site.However,research is better because sometimes odds compilers depend entirely on History to dictate odds rather than the current situation on the ground.For example,Borrussia Dortmund has appeared as a favourite in all sites this year despite losing 90% of their games in the ist half of the season and being bottom of Bundesliga because of their past feats.

2.Favourites to win and in form underdogs to draw/win.This means that you select all heavy favourites using any of the ways in (1) above to win,and any in form Underdog to win/draw.In form underdogs entail teams that have been revitalised by new managers eg Crystal palace and WBA ,and determined relegation fighters,say Burnley and traditional giant killers eg Swansea City inn the EPL.Their ability to win or draw will be determined by the size and form of opponent.

3.Purely analytical strategy.This involves putting each game into analytical context and being sensitive to all the factors affecting that game.For instance,Bayern Munich can be offerred as a heavy favorite,but you bet on the underdog because of their(BM) poor away form.Thus,many factors are put in play.Injuries,new managers,home /away form,distractors eg Gerrad departure announcement and Ronaldo’s breakup; emotion eg due to rivalry;geography eg derbies among other factors are all weighed in a game and the major determinant is identified and used to predict the game.For example,Many Benfica European finals have ended in losses,apparently due to a hoodoo dating back to the 1960s in which one of their former managers cursed them saying that they will never win a European cup final.

With one of the strategies above,rest assured one day you shall win the Jackpot.Remember,Patience and Consistency are core.Meanwhile,we shall be routinely posting our JACKPOT PREDICTIONS in this page,stay tuned ,and Goodluck!

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