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How to bet Elitebet Kenya

Many people are not familiar with betting on ElitebetKenya though it turns out to be the easiest way to place a bet online in Kenya .I therefore compiled a short step by step tutorial on how to place a bet on Elitebet Kenya. We had also written something about Elitebet’s mabao bet here.

Step 1:

Register a New Elitebet Account

To register a new account or sign up for Elitebet there is no form to fill in, you just send your stake money as follows:

  • On Safaricom: 
  • MPESA Menu -> Pay Bill
  • Enter Business Number 850700
  • Account elitebet
  • Enter the amount you want to stake
  • Enter your MPESA PIN and confirm.

And here is what happens: We will process the deposit, create and credit your account with the funds you sent, and send you confirmation SMS with your PIN to log-in on-line. Normally, this takes less than a minute or so.

You just use your phone number and the PIN we send you to log in.

Step 2:Go to http://elitebetkenya.com

Click Login button on Elitebet Kenya

Click Login button on Elitebet Kenya

Enter your phone number(The number you used to deposit to the elitebet account)

Enter the pin ElitebetKenya sends you via sms immediately after depositing cash


Step 3:

Click on the PLACE A BET button to bet

Place a bet

Step 4:

Enter your preferred stake at the white space

Click NORMAL BET option.

On elitebet kenya place a bet by indicating the stake then click the normal bet button

Step 5:

Search for the first match you want to bet on by entering a few letters in the first search box


Click the Search button


Choose the team you want


Click on the Not Selected button and scroll until you find your preferred bet .

For the tutorial I chose Lazio WIN .

Click the GO button to complete this step

select team and press go on elitebet\

Step 6:

This could be the last step if you want to have a single bet.If your satisfied with a single choice click PLACE BET!! and your done. At this stage you could change the stake till the total winnings excite you

If correct i could win 150 bob on this one but I am not feeling excited yet and would like to try more matches so I click the ADD MORE MATCHES button

add more matches

Step 7:

Clicking the ADD MORE MATCHES button returns me to step 4.

I search for an extra game ,select the bet type and option and click GO

For this tutorial we have added an AWAY WIN for Fluminense

placing a bet on elitebet kenya

Last step:

Click PLACE BET button once your done selecting your teams.

ElitebetKenya confirms and give you your new balance.

You can then place a new bet if you’d like

bet placed on elitebet



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January 16th, 2016 by Mary Ongubo

I guess a congrats is in order.
You made it this far.

The questions is … do you have what it takes to stick around?

I’m going to expose you to some stuff that is going to make your eyes water.

What I’ll be sharing is going to scare the hell out of you. Yet at the same time excite you like nothing else.

You see, we do things differently around here.

Instead of following the crowd and the “goo-roos” and conforming to the status quo … well, let’s just say that we zag when everyone else zigs.

You’ll see why shortly.

Before I launch into the good stuff (that eye watering stuff), it would be rude not to do quick introductions.

best sportpesa predictions

Like who the hell are we anyway?

And why should you pay attention to what we have to say?

At Tupesa we have a little badass ninja team of non-conformists.

There’s yours truly,TupesaKing’ori (cofounder). I’m the technical guy. I am a statistician and economist.

That’s my “superpower”.

The thing that I’m most well known for.

I’m also the author of Mjomba.com . Nominated for Kenyas best business blog.

Then there’s Kelvin Mugereki(cofounder). His “superpower” is traffic.

He generates close to a million visitors a year for tupesa from Google.

He has an MBA and a psychology degree.And makes all his money betting.

We don’t just teach this stuff.

We’re in the trenches every day DOING and EXECUTING what we teach.

Now I have a question for you.

Take your time to come up with the answer.


“Why would you buy bet predictions?”

Think about that for a minute.

Not just the surface answer.

Like to “get money” or to “do this” or “do that”.

But think about the REAL underlying reason WHY you (ultimately) buy a sportpesa or elitebet or betway or whaterver you use prediction.

Do you have your answer?

We can’t guess your answer (we may be a team of superheroes but we still can’t read minds … yet).

It may differ from us. But we doubt it.

For us the bottom line is about PROFITS.

As in making cold hard cash-o-la. Or to make more of it.

Makes sense, yes?

Next question.


“Faced with two choices, the easy (fast) option or the harder (slower) option, which would you choose?

This is not a trick question.


No surprise if you went for the easy/fast choice. Our guess is that 99.99% of people would have answered that.

It’s human nature.

Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Who honestly chooses the hard/slow route anyway?

Truth is, we would answer easy/fast too. And therein lies the BIG PROBLEM.

Because in business the two don’t play well together.

Like oil and water.

Sad really.

Because EASY FAST PROFITS is really the “Holy Grail”, isn’t it?

It’s the big dream.

The shiny object.

The Sportpesa,Mcheza,Betin or  Betway Kenya JACKPOT.

The sex appeal of it.

It’s IRRESISTIBLE … certainly early on.

We were no different.

Like a moth to a flame early on both Kevin and I got seduced by the lie.

Damn it, it almost screwed me. Loosing over 40k trying to win the JP.

I almost found myself back looking for a “job” at one point.

Which really wasn’t an ideal scenario seen as though I’m very much UNEMPLOYABLE.

The REASON WHY we struggled our asses off when we first started in this crazy business, was because we connected the two answers together.


Oil and water, remember?

They’re not synchronous.

Here is a quote from one of the worlds wisest men,Charlie Munger:

Any damn fool can see that a horse carrying a light weight with a wonderful win rate and a good post position etc., etc. is way more likely to win than a horse with a terrible record and extra weight and so on and so on. But if you look at the odds, the bad horse pays 100 to 1, whereas the good horse pays 3 to 2. Then it’s not clear which is statistically the best bet using the mathematics of Fermat and Pascal. The prices have changed in such a way that it’s very hard to beat the system.

Given those mathematics, is it possible to beat the horses only using one’s intelligence? Intelligence should give some edge, because lots of people who don’t know anything go out and bet lucky numbers and so forth. Therefore, somebody who really thinks about nothing but horse performance and is shrewd and mathematical could have a very considerable edge, in the absence of the frictional cost caused by the house take.

And the o­ne thing that all those winning betters in the whole history of people who’ve beaten the betting system have is quite simple. They bet very seldom.

It’s not given to human beings to have such talent that they can just know everything about everything all the time. But it is given to human beings who work hard at it ‑ who look and sift the world for a mispriced be that they can occasionally find o­ne.

And the wise o­nes bet heavily when the world offers them that opportunity. They bet big when they have the odds. And the rest of the time, they don’t. It’s just that simple.

That is a very simple concept. And to me it’s obviously right based on experience not only from the betting system, but everywhere else.

We at Tupesa are the fanatics -we eat ,drink and live betting. And only when the odds are right do we send the predictions to our members .

More recently, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out his personal philosophy — the one he says will guide the company moving forward it.

It is a 21st-century manifesto for a new way of doing business. In it he says:

  • We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services.
  • We don’t wake up in the morning with the primary goal of making money
  • These days I think more and more people want to use services from companies that believe in something beyond simply maximizing profits.
  • By focusing on our mission and building great services, we believe we will create the most value for our shareholders and partners over the long term…

We at Tupesa embrace this values and apply them daily in our jobs.Consequently, the side effect of “changing the world” (the betterment of others) is typically a crap load of money.

In 2015 I decided to change my core thinking. I started tupesa.co.ke.That was my decision. For me, it has paid off. Massively.

I choose to give a fuck. I choose to be different. I choose to have a personality. I choose to reject the status quo. I choose to maintain my core values and never “sell out”.

I choose to change the world, if only in a small way:

What about you? Have the guts to roll the dice. Perhaps it’s time to make the right decision.

The point of it was to give you a glimpse into how we think.

And how you prob’ly need to start thinking too if you wanna crush it (or even just compete) in competitive real money markets.

Tupesa Members will always going to beat the average gambler/punter who gets screwed by sportpesa everyday.

It was impossible for him to lose. The end result was inevitable.



See Profit and Loss statement for Tupesa Predictions here

Join us today by contacting 0710-792-715

Creator: tupesa.co.ke

P.S. This isn’t a system you have to learn. We give you the exact bets to place and it’s so easy to use that even if you’ve never placed a bet before you can start profiting from our uncanny ability to pick winners.

P.P.S. This service costs Ksh.500  per month on subscription. With the odds of some of the winners We’ve given to our members, it’s possible you’ll be turning a profit from just a single bet.

P.P.P.S. We reserve the right to raise/lower the price in the future or to close the doors entirely to people wishing to join. Guarantee your place in our exclusive membership circle at this bargain basement price by signing up right now.

Disclaimer: Any and all claims or representations, as to income earnings are not to be considered as average earnings. There can be no assurance that any prior success, or past results, as to income earnings, can be used as an indication of future success or results.

Where testimonials are used, these are to highlight customers who have done well using the service, these are genuine positive examples of what people have achieved, but are by no means representative of the average user. As this is a gambling service there are no guarantees whatsoever that you will repeat the success of the examples given in the testimonials and there are no guarantees that results we have achieved in the past will be repeated in the future.

Betting always involves a level of risk and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. No guarantees are given as to the amount you will make from betting, any examples or testimonials should be treated as extreme examples. By using our websites, services and downloads you agree that our company and our affiliates are not responsible for the success or failure of your actions resulting from the use or misuse of our website, products and / or services or anything we recommend.


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June 26th, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

Elitebet Betting Kenya – How

Elite bet Kenya is an approved SMS and internet sports betting site in Kenya offering international football matches bets. Owned by Elite-bet Book Markers Limited together with Elite-bet Uganda.

Elitebet offers three types of bets one is the single and multiples, Elitbet mabaobet and special bet.

Sportpesa Today’s Games

Single and multi-bets is where you have the chance to bet on single games while on multi-bet you can combine a number of matches with different outcomes and if they match correctly all your predictions you are a winner. It offers outcomes such as;

Handicap: This is where you bet on the final result of the match taking into account the handicap.
First Half – You can bet on the results of half time only.
Asian – Also known as Asian Draw No Bet. With this bet you can only back the home or away team, but if the match is a draw, you are refunded your money.
Double Chance – you bet results basing on two outcomes either home win and draw, home win or away win or away win and draw.
First Goal – This means betting on the first team to score in a single match.

Odd Even – you bet on the total number of goals to be scored by both teams in a single match. In this case where the final score is 0-0 it is treated as even.
Goal, No Goal – Goal means at least one goal will be scored by each team in a match E.g 2-1 whereas No Goal means that you predict that one team final score will be nil E.g 3-0.
Most Goals – you predict that more goals will either be scored in the first half or in the second half.
Score – No Score – You predict whether the home team will score during the match or not score the opposite is the same for the away team.
Half-Time Full-Time bets are based on the outcomes of BOTH the first half and the match result. There are nine options:
Home – Home – The home team will win both the first half and will go on to win the match.
Home – Draw – The home team will win the first half, but the match will end in a draw.
Home – Away – The home team will win the first half, but the away team will win in the end.
Draw – Home – The first half will end in a draw, but the home team will win the match.
Draw – Draw – The first half will end in a draw, and the match will also end in a draw.
Draw – Away – The first half will end in a draw, but the away team will win in the end.
Away – Home – The away team will win the first half, but the home team will win in the end.
Away – Draw – the away team will win the first half, but the match will end in a draw.
Away – Away – The away team will win the first half, and will go on to win the match.


On M-PESA menu go to lipa na m-pesa> pay-bill>enter business no 850700>account no. Elite-bet then enter the amount of money yo would like to deposit E.g ksh250 and finally your pin and then confirm. You will receive a secret pin that help you log in to the main site and place your bets http://www.elitebetkenya.com.

Place your bet. On-line, you just log-in with your phone number and PIN, then select the options here.

How to place a Bet via SMS.
All you need is match codes E.g 3540 and bet prediction results where #1 means home win, #0 means draw whereas #2 means away win. At the end of the bet you place your stake lets say you bet an away win, you text the message 3540#2*250 to the number 2910.NOTE: ALL ELITEBET SMS COMMANDS TO OUR SHORTCODE(29210) ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE.

One of the biggest advantages of betting using Elitebet is at times has higher betting odds comparison to other Kenya betting sites. The second biggest advantage is that they do not charge withdrawal fee ie. when you win lets say ksh1000 you get ksh1000 on your M-pesa account

Elitebet Kenya’s new Mabao Bet

On the new look website, we have introduced a new type of bet known as the MABAO Bet.

The requirements for playing the MABAO Bet are very simple; pick 3 or more games on from our website that you think both teams are going to score and then wait for the goals to fly in.

The minimum number of selections is 3 and the maximum number of selections is 15.

The correct predictions are paid out as follows;

3 => 4, 4 => 6.5, 5=> 11, 6=> 17, 7=> 29, 8=>45, 9=>70, 10=>120, 11=>200, 12=>300, 13=>500, 14=>800, 15=>1350

Meaning, if you place 3 games and get all 3 predictions correct, your stake is multiplied by 4, if you place 9 and all 9 games have both teams scoring, we multiply your stake by 70, if you place 15 games and get all the predictions right, we multiply your stake by 1350.

Join in the fun and stand a chance to Win BIG with Elite bet.

On the new Elitebet Kenya website; Log in > Place Your Stake > Select Mabao Bet > Select Your Teams > Submit


MABESHTE BONUS- Tell a friend to Tell a friend:
Cash in quick and easy on our new Mabeshte bonus which is a reward scheme for referring your friends.
Here’s how it works: For every friend you refer, you will be eligible to earn 10% of the amount he/she stakes up to a cumulative stake of 10,000 KShs.
• If your friend places a stake of 100 KShs stake your account is credited with 10 KShs
• If your friend places a stake of 1,000 KShs stake your account is credited with 100 KShs
• If your friend places a stake of 10,000 KShs stake your account is credited with 1,000 KShs
Refer up to 100 friends in a month and you qualify for the Massive Bonus of 100,000 KShs
• If your 10 friends place a stake of 10,000 KShs stake each, the total stake is 100,000 KShs and your account is credited with 10,000 KShs
• If your 100 friends place a stake of 10,000 KShs stake each , the total stake 1000,000 KShs and your account is credited with 100,000 KShs!!
Get the word out there and earn 1,000 KShs for every friend you refer!!!
Just click on the Refer your Friend icon and input your friend’s number. The moment he/she registers and starts betting you start earning money!
1. This refer a friend programme is valid until the 17th August 2015
2. The 10% bonus is applied after 24 hours from the time your friend places his/her stake.
3. You cannot refer a friend that is already a registered member of Elitebet Kenya.
4. You will be eligible to earn 10% of the amount the friend your referred stakes up to a cumulative stake of 10,000 KShs.
5. The refer a friend programme is limited to 100 referral friends every 28 days.
6. Only Elitebet Kenya registered members with placed bets are eligible to participate in the refer a friend programme.
7. Members must be over 18 years of age.
8. Bonus amounts received via refer a friend programme may be used for placing bets or may be withdrawn in full.


Feel free to chat away with Elitebet customer service team on any issues that you may be having or just to say hi in whichever language you are comfortable with – English, Swahili ama ata Sheng buda boss.

If you don’t have the number save it on your contacts and begin chatting with us right now on any issues, feedback, suggestions, complaints, complements, etc etc. We will be more than happy to listen to you.

In Asian (Draw no Bet), you back the Home team or Away team and if the game ends in a draw, in a single bet, the stake will be refunded back to your account and in a multibet, the particular game will be settled at ODDS of 1 and your bet settled on the basis of your remaining selections.

You may have placed a bet and realised that you made a mistake after submission.
Cancellation of bets is possible, but this is done only through the online platform. Login -> View Account History -> Click on the bet reference number-> Click on the Cancel icon.
This is possible as long as all three of the following conditions have been met:
1.None of the selections have already kicked off
2.None of the prices on any of the selections have changed
3.You make the request within ONE hour of the bet being accepted

Big winner and you do not know how to withdraw money from your Elitebet account??
Whenever you wish to withdraw your winnings, you can do this through SMS or online from your account.
To Withdraw online:
Log in -> View Account History -> Withdraw -> Input Amount -> Submit
We will transfer the money from your account to your MPESA account.
To Withdraw via SMS:
Send an SMS to 29210 in the following format:
W followed by the amount you wish to withdraw e.g. to withdraw KShs. 500 type W 500 and send that to 29210.
The money will be transferred to your MPESA account in a matter of minutes!
There are no SMS charges.
Withdrawals are absolutely free off any carrier fees!!!

Elitebet’s friendly customer service team are always ready to assist you, by E-Mail, Telephone or WhatsApp!
E-mail: help@elitebetkenya.com
If you get in touch on email please include your phone number, if you are enquiring about a payment please include the reference number, if enquiring about a particular bet include the bet reference number.They are willing to chat in English, Sheng or Kiswahili.
Elitebet Customer service numbers are:
• (Safaricom) 0703 065 003
• (Safaricom) 0705 201 537
• (Airtel) 0736 458 065

Do you need the Match Code or Odds for a specific event to bet with us!!!
It’s Simple and Free with Elitebetkenya!!!
Simply send an SMS to our short code 29210 with the message Code and the Team name.
To: 29210
Message: Code Peru
You will receive an SMS as follows:
Bolivia v Peru 26 Jun 02:30 Code 2050 #1: 5.00, #0: 3.15, #2: 1.80
Its Free


Here is their reply:We are working on something along those terms. We intend to offer the best sports betting services so we are planning to introduce live betting and other betting options as well as Goal Scorer, Correct Score etc. There’s a lot more we have lined up so you can rest assured you will enjoy the experience.

Goal, No Goal – Goal, meaning that at least one goal will be scored by each team in the match. E.g. if the score is 1-1, 1-2, 4-1, etc. No Goal predicts that the score will include one “Nil” result, i.e. 0-1, 2-0, 0-4 etc.

They always settle results as soon as the game ends. If you have any bet that is still outstanding, please inbox them the bet reference number for follow up.

For now, this programme is only available on the online platform.If you don’t have access to an on-line system at the moment and want to refer a friend contact our friendly customer care team and they will assist you with the process!! smile emoticon

No they don’t.They however have Mabao bet which could be quite better.

To change your PIN, simply send an SMS to 29210 with the word PIN followed by any 4 digit PIN of your choice.
For example, PIN 1234 sent to 29210 will immediately change your PIN to 1234.

You can the results for all the games here http://www.elitebetkenya.com/results.php

Please try any/all of the following steps when you experience such timeout issues;
-go to your browser history and delete everything
-change your broswer
-log in using a different machine

The match codes above are for the Win-Draw-Win option where you predict either a home win, a draw or an away win, where #1 is for home win, #2 for away win and #0 for draw e.g in the swansea v liverpool game, if you wish to predict a home win for swansea, send an sms to 29210 in the following format, 23850#1*50 where 50 is the amount you are staking and this can be any amount.
To place a multibet (2 or more games), join the different selections using a + sign and then put *Amount at the end and then send to 29210 e.g 2380#2+23800#1+23625#0*50.
SMS sent to their short code are absolutely free.

CAN A GAME BE IGNORED IF FOR EXAMPLE 14 out of 15 games is won and one lost?
e have an option called the full cover bet that covers between 3-8 games and you get paid relative to the number of correct predictions. You can read more about full cover bets here http://www.elitebetkenya.com/full_cover.php

In handicap betting, you bet on the final result of the match taking into account the handicap.

The home or away team starts the match with a goal/s advantage or disadvantage (shown in brackets)

Handicap (0-1) for example in a game between Dinamo Ufa vs Torpsedo, means the away team has been given a goal advantage before the game begins. So if you say handicap (0-1) Dinamo Ufa, you are predicting that Dinamo Ufa will win by more than 2 clear goals in the actual match. e.g 2-0, 4-1, 3-1 etc so that even if Torpsedo is added the one goal it started with Dinamo Ufa would still win.

If you say handicap (0-1) Draw, the Home team should win by a margin of 1 goal in the real game so that when the away team gets the virtual goal it started the game with, the result will be a Draw.

If you say handicap (0-1) Torpsedo, you are predicting that Torpsedo will either Win by any margin or Draw in the real game so that it maintains the virtual goal it started the game with.

Handicap (1-0) on the hand gives the goal advantage to the Home team, and the format for getting the Home Win, Draw or Away Win are as explained above.

We hope this clarifies your query but if there is anything that is not clear, please get back to us and we will be happy to explain.

Here are 10 GOOD REASONS why Elitebetkenya are Kenya’s Best Betting service BY FAR!!!
1. To register is simple and fast.
2. Bet by SMS or on-line from anywhere at any time.
3. There is no minimum stake, you can bet even 1 KShs / 3 KShs or 5 KShs
4. If you make a mistake in placing a bet you can cancel this.
5. Fast and user friendly website accessible on all internet enabled devices (Very low data bundle usage)
6. www.Elitebet Kenya.com is faster than 99% of websites tested online!
7. There are No Withdrawal Fees
8. You can send an SMS to know your Balance and to find match codes and odds – there are no charges for this service sending these SMS is free!!
9. They have a professional, friendly customer care team, with whom you can raise your issues in Swahili, English and Sheng and they will respond right away.
10. You are always welcome to contact us through WhatsApp, Telephone, or E-mail


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June 22nd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

SportPesa Today’s Games prediction and analysis

So your one of those free loaders who wouldn’t part with a measly 200bob a week for Tupesa premium predictions and your stuck with continuous losses due to misleading odds and using some head to head analysis from the other sites I had provided.So where do you get free sportpesa predictions and tips backed by good reasoning and stats.A great place to look for Sportpesa today’s games predictions and analysis is from here. I wanted to answer a lot of questions many first timers to this website usually ask, where Kenyan punters whether betting on sportpesa,betpawa.co.keelitebetkenya,betin,betway,justbet or royalbet the challenges are the same.

I run a premium paid membership where I send my best prematch bets to members for a small weekly fee of Ksh.650 for 7 days of 4-8 bets per day sent by sms for daily games. Live betting is available on several websites in Kenya I prefer betpawa.co.ke.

After a lot of success over the last 3 years, i’ve decided to start Tupesa where I  answer questions from readers about my betting experience and betting in Kenya in general. Tupesa is designed to help people with their betting and get insight from someone with years of experience and bags of profit.

If you have any questions about my paid Sportpesa predictions membership, FREE In-plays, my betting experience or betting in Kenya general, be sure to contact us on 0710-792-715 (support line for daily matches and jackpots. Daily matches now cost kes 100 while Jackpots cost kes 250. We send them using typical SMS/Text Message service upon payment. Please note that payment can only be made to the number provided.) and we’ll have your questions answered and maybe up on site with my full answer as soon as possible!


I started betting for fun back in 2013 but it wasn’t until 2014 when I started taking the betting game seriously and realised that I could make an extra long term profit from it.
When I began taking things seriously in late 2014, I started with a Ksh.8,000 balance. This is the bank roll i’d recommend for anyone thinking of taking this game seriously.
Between 2012 and 2014, I just bet for fun so I have no idea what I staked or anything but its more than likely that I lost a bit of cash. I began recording everything from 2015. In 2015 I staked a total of 77,000 and I returned a total of 136,000, giving me a profit of 59,000

I have joined several betting sites in Kenya offering todays games other than sportpesa and I’m open / honest about this. What does this mean? I am able to get the most value since I can compare prices of several betting sites in Kenya for todays games. Does this mean you have to have many accounts ? OF COURSE NOT, as long as your betting site whether Sportpesa or whatever is comfortable for you continue to use it up to a point where you need more features that are not on your site.This is more so for sportpesa games where they have no LIVE BETTING,No DRAW NO BET(DNB),No UNDER/OVER 1.5 fulltime.
These are many more can be found on betpawa.co.ke. All you need to do is register there. Believe it or not, people who sign up for my paid membership are rarely ever on Sportpesa , its 69% likely that they have other betting sites like ,Bet Pawa, Bet Yetu, Mcheza and the rest to place their bets, so by producing consistent winners and making a long term profit (which I do). There’s a lot of people on social media who portray paid memberships  as scum, which isn’t true in my opinion. I’m human, I want to make as much money as possible and if this means I can do so by producing consistent winners for myself and my followers AS WELL AS making profit elsewhere, then who I am to say no to that. Please note that if you’re not a fan of paid Sportpesa predictions, simply don’t join and just follow the FREE tips found online or elsewhere.
I use many online resources to do my research but a lot comes from the knowledge i’ve acquired from years of experience. I know most leagues world wide inside out and this experience is something research can’t give you. As for statistical research, I use different sites to check recent form, team news, H2H comparison and even information that can have an effect on the game such as weather, location etc… I am also a member of several online tipping services that charge over $99 per week.
Yes, I have used a number of sites. Some or popular others not but across the board, Mjomba at Mjomba.com is my favourite. We have added their number here in this site because we believe they also have quality tips. East or west, you’ll come to find that Mjomba is the best hands down but you can also do your research if you want. If you want to try their tips, we have added the contact at the end of the article.

DISCIPLINE! Without being disciplined, you’ll lose your full bank very quickly. You must NEVER chase losses and you must realise that losing bets is all part of the game. If you think you’re going to win 100% of the time, you’ll lose 100% of the time in the long run. The quicker you accept on bad days that you have to shut the laptop and restart tomorrow instead of chasing losses, the quicker you’ll become disciplined. The reason 99.9% of bettors can’t make a long term gain from sportpesa is because they aren’t disciplined enough.
It all depends on how much I like the bet and what the odds are. For lower odds bets, I tend to bet a higher stake and for higher odds bets, I tend to keep the stakes at the lower end. I’ll never discuss my exact stakes or post images of my exact stakes but I post a photo of my balance at the end of almost every day, so why is that? As people know, my balance is a lot higher than probably 95% of my members so I don’t want to post images of me betting high stakes and encourage irresponsible gambling. I will NOT promote irresponsible gambling and I believe you should NEVER bet what you can’t afford, so by posting images of my balance each day instead of posting each bet and stake, i’m not in anyway encouraging people to follow high stakes, i’m instead showing the progression in my balance.

Glossary of some betting terms on Sportpesa an other widely used betting platforms like BetPawa.co.ke:

Pretty much every day of my life as a tipster I’m asked what something means
Here’s a quick glossary of some betting terms to help you understand:
Value – often misinterpreted as “Odds Against” / a bet over evens, but is actually the different between the bookmakers price on any selection vs your personal opinion of an event happening. E.G. If you feel Liverpool have a 70% chance of winning this weekend, they should be priced at 1.43 or 4/9. If instead they were priced at 4/6 then this indicates value for you as you feel the likely outcome is greater than the price being offered
  • U1.5, U2.5, U3.5 etc – the U here simply means Under

  • TG – Team Goals – O1.5TG for example would mean you need a team to score 2 or more

  • Treble – 3 selections that all need to win for your bet to win

  • Trixie – a bet with 3 selections where your stake is placed equally on 3 doubles and a treble. E.G. A 50p trixie on selections ABC would total £2 with 50p placed on AB, AC, BC and ABC

  • Single – a bet containing only one selection

  • Spreads – another term for handicap

  • WDW – means Win-Draw-Win and is often used to describe the most popular market in football betting which is the outcome of the match
  • SP – means “starting price” and indicates the price of a selection at the point when the event begins

  • Stake – the amount you place on a selection

  • O1.5, O2.5, O3.5 etc – The O here simply means Over

  • Odds On – when the price of a selection is lower than EVENS it’s described as “Odds On”

  • Odds Against – when the price of a sleection is greater than EVENS it’s described as “Odds Against”

  • Outlay – the amount of money you have on any selection

  • NAP – mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the best bet of the day

  • NB – stands for “Next Best” and is again mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the 2nd best bet of the day

  • MG – Match Goals – the total number of goals in a match

  • Lay – the opposite of backing a bet is to “lay” it or to bet against a particular outcome

  • Longshot – an outsider that is deemed to have less chance of winning by the bookmakers

  • Lump – the act of putting a larger than normal bet on a selection. Not reccommended

  • Acca / Accumulator – a bet using multiple selections

  • Inplay – betting on a selection that is happening now and live
  • Handicap – a way of creating value in bets by either giving a team a goal or more headstart or starting from a losing position. E.G. Man City -1 Handicap would mean they need to win by 2 or more
  • GG – an abbreviation of Goals Galore, the same as Both Teams to Score
  • Double – two selections that both need to win for your bet to win
  • Cover – if you backed Over 2.5 Goals in a game and there were 2 early goals, the act of then backing Under 2.5 Goals to guarantee a win either way is known as a “cover” bet
  • Arb / Arbitrage – to back all outcomes of an event in such a way that a win is guaranteed

  • BTTS / BTS – Both Teams to Score / Both To Score

  • Back – to “back” a bet means to bet on the outcome happening

  • Banker – a bet that is expected to win

  • DNB – Draw No Bet – You get a refund if the game ends in a draw

  • DC – means double chance, backing a team to either win or draw a game

  • FH – an abbreviation of First Half

  • FGS – First Goalscorer

  • FT – Full Time

  • Favourite – the most likely outcome of an event according to bookmakers

  • Form – a guide of recent performances

  • Evens – when the price of a selection is more than 2.

You may bump into one or several of such times but bettingwide, they are definitely something you need to learn and master! By the way, have you guys played on betpawa.co.ke?


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May 23rd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

Elitebet Kenya Mabao Bet

The bookie has among the easiest ways to navigate over their content,but have frustrated some punters with their slowness in processing withdrawals and deposits.

They were 2nd to penetrate the kenyan betting markets after Sportpesa,and quickly established themselves as one of the most preffered bookies in Kenya.This was because they were the ist to introduce many markets for each game such as goal markets,Handicaps and Double chances apart from the traditional win-draw -win.

They thus offer a variety of markets to punters,and give fair odds for most predictions,especially HT U 1.5.They are also preffered because the layout of their website is the easiest to navigate with most browsers-hence user friendly.


On the new look website, we have introduced a new type of bet known as the MABAO Bet.

The requirements for playing the MABAO Bet are very simple; pick 3 or more games on from our website that you think both teams are going to score and then wait for the goals to fly in.

The minimum number of selections is 3 and the maximum number of selections is 15.

The correct predictions are paid out as follows;

3 => 4, 4 => 6.5, 5=> 11, 6=> 17, 7=> 29, 8=>45, 9=>70, 10=>120, 11=>200, 12=>300, 13=>500, 14=>800, 15=>1350

Meaning, if you place 3 games and get all 3 predictions correct, your stake is multiplied by 4, if you place 9 and all 9 games have both teams scoring, we multiply your stake by 70, if you place 15 games and get all the predictions right, we multiply your stake by 1350.

Join in the fun and stand a chance to Win BIG with Elitebet.

On the new Elitebt website; Log in > Place Your Stake > Select Mabao Bet > Select Your Teams > Submit


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