Sportpesa Online Betting Secrets

Sportpesa Online Betting Secrets

Want to know how professional gamblers win these article reveals the best methods behind their greatest winnings. Their system is very very simple. Basically some use the notion that anything with odds between 0.0 and 0.35 are ‘safe’ bets. So, all you do is never bet on anything where the odds are above 0.35! Start for instance with ksh500,and for argument’s sake every bet is with odds of 0.2, you put ksh500 on this bet, and whatever your winnings you add onto that ksh500 and bet that total on the next one.

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This is one of the safest ways but as a football gambler you should know that regardless of how you bet or how much you bet you will lose at sometimes as they say even good teams which seem perfect to win loose.

You need to know how to cover to limit the loss covered. If you are a multi-gambler never bet on the same game also it is not cool to exceed your limit with the goal of attaining riches never bet on ksh1000 while you are used to placing ksh100 bet you are destined to poverty as you only increase risk of loosing when the ksh100 is gone it is gone and it very hard to recover it these are the basic signs that you are turning into a chronic gambler.
A good gambler makes his or her analyses based on two techniques; one is team history or statistics sourcing them from tipster websites. Two is what you may call “feeling” basing it with teams which have an almost absolute high percentage of winning e.g teams at the top three of league table however this method as its limits as there are football matches which are big surprises. There are football matches, which are absolute surprise for everybody.
The key to winning is using money management. Bet the same amount on every game and then when you win more games than you lose at the end of any season your guaranteed to make a profit! That’s why professionals use proper money management. Remember the goal is to win more than you lose, so if you’re serious about winning big money, bet like a pro.

Remember, you only live once so make it count. There’s one thing worse then even death, that’s living a life not worth living. Defeat is not the worst failure possible. Never trying anything to better ones life is the only real failure even possible.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to live the good life, you only need to make more money then you spend.


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