Sportpesa owners

Sportpesa owners

Someone sent a request asking us to do a post on sportpesa owners. Who owns sportpesa?

We already did a post here talking about Sportpesa in general. We told you about the company being privately owned. We also told you it’s run and operated by Pevans East Africa. However, we thought the information was incomplete so we thought about delving deeper into the question. Who really owns sportpesa?


Here is the a tabulation of the company ownership in terms of Stock.

Pevans East Africa Limited Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage OwnershIP
1 Gene Grand 21
2 Guerassim Nikolov 21
3 Asenath Wachera Maina 21
4 Paul Ndungu 17
5 Ronald Kamwiko Karauri 6
6 Cellini Holdings 5
7 Valentina Mineva 3
8 Robert Wanyoike Macharia 3
9 Ivan Kalpakchiev 2
10 Francis Waweru Kiarie 1
Total 100


Ronald Karauri who happens to be the company’s CEO is at position 5. Still want to know more about Sportpesa? Ask me.

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