Sportpesa jackpot

Sportpesa Jackpot

Whenever you talk about sportpesa jackpot, so much comes to mind. From the winners to weekday and mega jackpot and so much more. So what exactly is sportpesa jackpot.


This is a term that describes Sportpesa’s pre-selected matches which are supposed to be predicted by you to win a particular amount.

And then?

Sportpesa jackpot comes with two jackpots. There is a weekday jackpot and mega jackpot. Mega jackpot comes with 17 matches. You need to correctly predict 12+ matches to win a bonus.

What about the weekday jackpot?

Unlike mega jackpot, the weekday jackpot comes with 13 matches. To win a bonus, you must predict 10+ games correctly.

Nice, so how to play?

First you will need to deposit 100 shillings to sportpesa account. If you have not registered then you will need to do so first. The after depositing, you can now select the possible outcomes of the 13 or 17 matches for weekday and/or mega jackpot respectively.

How much to win sportpesa jackpot?

This all depends on the total amount at stake. The higher the amount, the higher the bonuses.

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