Sportpesa #JackpotCracker

 Tupesa #JackpotCracker Week 4 Trial

Record to beat

by Abdirashid Bashir

This week we are aiming at 12/13

About the #JackpotCracker Challenge

Here is what the Challenge is all about.
•100 individuals will be picked to participate in the third trial.(Week four)
•We will analyse the Sportpesa Jackpot and come up with 100 most probable jackpot outcomes (100 jackpot predictions) In other words 100 jackpot picks.
•The 100 individuals will get onejackpot bet each delivered via smsand email on Friday.Each and everyindividual will place a bet (jackpotbet) upon receiving the jackpot betfrom #Tupesa Kenya and then foward the jackpot bet confirmationsms received from Sportpesa to
‪#‎TupesaKenya either via email or sms.

Note : Only those who place bets and

fowardthe sms received from sportpesa

to us upon placing the bets will receive the

share of bonus if we win any.

Any person who will be picked should be ready,able and willing to place the jackpot bet.
NB : Having 100 jackpot picks is not a guarantee that we will have a jackpot/bonus winner.This will only increase the chances of us getting a winner.Facing the facts,the sportpesa jackpot has a total of 3^13=1594323 possible outcomes.Comparing this to our 200 picks will give you a clear view of
events.We will not be assured of having a winner but the chances of us getting a jackpot/bonus winner
will be high.
•The 100 individuals will get the predictions for FREE
•The predictions will be sent via email and as a text message (sms) on Friday at 10:00 AM.

If we will have a jackpot/bonus
winner,the winner will  voluntarily
give 10% of the total winnings to

The money (10%) which the winner will give to TupesaKenya will be shared equally among the 200
participants while the remaining 90% belongs to the winner.

•Anyone interested,willing,ready and honest enough to be trusted,send your name,phone number and email to :





#JackpotCracker  Challenge Results 10/7/2015
Top 10
1.0704…116 8/13 (2)
2.0729…448 7/13
3.0723…297 7/13
4.0721…205 7/13
5.0704…116 7/13 (2)
6.0729…182 6/13
7.0719…482 6/13
8.0725…719 6/13
9.0706…263 6/13
10.0728…368 6/13
35 Out of 60 participants placed bets.Thank you for participating.We didn’t have winners but our hopes are still high.Goodluck.
June 2nd, 2015 by