Sportpesa Jackpot cracker – Update

Tupesa has reverted to free participation which will see hundreds take part in the blood -clotting jackpot competition ,with a hope of realising a winner sooner than expected.

The sum stands at 15.5 M but so do the probabilities. As usual, Norway,Sweden ,Brazil and USA inconsistent leagues make the cut in the Sportpesa jackpot games.Needless to say,the games wont be easy to predit and not a chance that few predictions can crack it.

Due to the above,Tupesa has shelved the requirementof joining premium membership in  order to participate. More people will take part that way,and a winner is likely to be realised.All interested can email in order to be included.

For the 3rd time running,Sweden & Norway leagues have featured. We believe monitoring these leagues till the return of other leagues in August would be key to winning the Jackpot.Notably,these are leagues that will run throughout this period and have a great deal of inconsistency- the prime recipe for jackpot games.

Last week,the results were not too favourable with the best managing a paltry 7/13 .This is understandable however,given the jackpot was among the toughest I’ve seen- even official Sportpesa results agree( and we only had 34 premium participants). However,with the no.  going up from this week going forward,we can anticipate more bonus winners – perhaps an outright winner too ,despite the tough selections.

We at Tupesa will be counting on the honesty of our 200-300 jackpot cracker participants to keep their word if they win a bonus or the entire Jackpot and remmit 10% to Tupesa so we can share with all the participants. Last time,most participants received airtime from the 10% remitted by our bonus winners.At Tupesa, we keep our word and we urge our followers to do the same as this enhances good fortune which has everything to add to our collective hopes of winning the jackpot.

Caveat: Many people have associated us with Sportpesa and have implied that we are a branch or team from the bookie. We hereby set the record straight as follows:

1. We are an independent tipster site ,not under sponsorship from Sportpesa or any other bookie.

2. We do not act or favour Sportpesa or any other bookie.

3.Our reference to Sportpesa is purely on public interest,thus we are only here as independent tipsters to help you win the Sportpesa jackpot as well as give you daily tips to make money from your favorite bookies.

We are currently reviewing the Royalbets kenya jackpot as well.You never know,we might soon start asking people to join us to try and crack it.However,for now,we are focused on the 15M plus available at Sportpesa.

Participants of this week’s jackpot cracker challenge will receive their bets by latest on Friday as usual ,as our team is currently analysing the games.All who will receive a bet will be required to send an acknowledgement text back to show they have received the bet and they will place it.The results of the cracker will be posted on the website as they come.Good luck guys,hopefully we win this week!


June 23rd, 2015 by