How To Win SportPesa Jackpot- Advice From A Winner

How To Win SportPesa Jackpot- Advice From A Winner

To dream is free, but the reality is sold separately!  A Nairobi based businessman and Sportpesa enthusiast, found it almost difficult to believe his new twist of  fate after  winning Last week’s  Jackpot of Ksh. 29, 591,277/-

George Mwangi who regularly plays for the jackpot was ecstatic and almost short of words when contacted by Sportpesa officials, “This is a lot of money, I cannot believe it!”  It’s totally feels like a dream”, was all he could manage to say amid screams of jubilation and victory from close family members.

Mr Mwangi

It was just a normal weekend for the city based business man, until the first Jackpot games kicked off on Saturday evening, Mr. George Mwangi honestly admits that his sights were on the famous jackpot Bonus and not the full amount, Things however took a quick turn, when he realized that the outcomes of the Jackpot games were steadily turning out as he had predicted.

Fast forward to Sunday evening, Things were already starting to get intense with only two games standing between him and the millions, the reality of the huge fortunes started to dawn on him, filled with anxiety to a point that he could not bear following the results of the remaining matches, he left this task to his daughter who he maintains a close relationship with.

30 minutes for 30 million.

The two final Jackpot games were kicking off at 19:00 hrs. By half time, Mr. Winner’s anxiety had sky rocketed. This was because The Match between AALBORG BK v BRONDBY was at 2:0 and the one between Molde and ROSENBORG was at a barren draw. By the 58th minute, MOLDE scored a goal and  Mr Mwangi  was informed by the daughter that only a few minutes separated them from the millions. As luck would have it, the two games ended in home wins as per his predictions, and Voila, Mr. Winner was a multi-millionaire.


Coincidentally Mr. George Mwangi a diehard Manchester United fan, who prides himself as a skillful footballer and soccer analyst started playing on Sportpesa and specifically for jackpot from March this year after reading about Mr. Paul Wainaina the previous Jackpot winner.

He was introduced to the full mechanics of the game by his nephews and from then he made it a hobby and a habit to play on Sportpesa.   He is happy with the level of transparency,   and customer service offered by Sportpesa, specifically the Fact that you receive your money immediately after winning.

When asked how he plans to use his newly found fortunes, Mr. George Mwangi had no direct answer saying he   will take time and consult with his family and close friends on how best he can invest his newly found fortunes.


There you have it, Mr. George Mwangi gave his dreams a chance and turned around his fortunes, this proves that everybody is a winner with Sportpesa! Play for this week’s jackpot of Ksh. 5,000,000/- and join the elite club of Football millionaires. “Iko Pesa Na Sportpesa”

Before the father of three got to this highlight stage,like everyone else he had fell short with his placements not going as per plan on many occasions. But he endeared himself to playing all jackpot games having spend a sum total of around 16,000 before eventually winning it. ‘’I was glued but I enjoyed the experience.

I recall the starter was 2/13 and the most games I won was 8/13 in the multiple bets.I deployed computation skills and in every game I do a keen analysis for three hours beforehand so there is no guesswork,’’he adds.

The businessman from Githurai attributes his success to patience and planning but also a love for football that dates back in the 70s.’’Am a huge Manchester United Fan and also locally I support Gor Mahia.

Importantly I don’t only adore the game but also understand it having been an active player for Umeme FC and Barclays Bank in the heydays,’’he opines. Accompanied by his wife Jennifer and first born child Jennifer, the jolly ex-banker explains that he owes his family and ultimately God for the faith and trust.’’

God has been faithful and has seen me through so much.I am at a position now to take care of my family and plan for what next.I also want to continue with my ministry in helping the Church by buying Screens and renovations,’’ he reassures with conviction.

When asked how he plans to use his newly Sportpesa Jackpot found fortunes, Mr. George Mwangi had no direct answer saying he will take time and consult with his family and close friends on how best he can invest his newly found fortunes.He however suggested that he will take his time before making a move even as he continues to savour the moment. ’’This is certainly big money and I had not planned for it though I believed I would win it someday. Everyone can win it and I urge people to try it out,all you need is trusting of instinct and of course take risks,’’he says.

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