How to win a sportpesa multibet

How to win a sportpesa multibet (a)

Multi Bets have the potential to give a large profit for a relatively small amount of money. However all your selections must win for the bet to be successful.

A safe multibet should be made up of 2-3 bets known as doubles and trebles respectively. In Order to increase your chances of winning a multibet one requires to thoroughly go through each of the selections and also remember that the less the number of selections in a multi bet the higher the chances to win.

How to win a sportpesa multibet (b)

A great way to invest in multi bet is subdividing your cash if you have ksh1000 you could subdivide it two or four times and select different multi bets to place instead of placing a single multibet on the ksh1000. This way it lowers the risk of one losing all his money and increase the chances of one gaining more profit think of how much you would win if you subdivide the 1k into four times that is ksh250 and win 3/4 bets you have profit.

Patience and lack of greed are the key virtues to winning a multibet. Patience is needed to analysing and detailed research of teams you want to place in your multi bet. For example one can select a weekend treble and search for the teams in terms of their previous and current form whether it has risen or fallen by checking the currrent table standings if it is a cup lets say at group stages ask yourself this questions; 1.How important is the match to the team 2. How vulnerable is the oponent team to losing, search all crucial first eleven team members will be available for the fixture and the team previous head to head fixtures as some teams never lose to their opponents whether at home or away or don’t win away games, how many goals have been scored previous team meetings. keen detailed research is very important to come up with a fine conclusion.

How to win a sportpesa multibet (c)

Websites that can help one check current team for and head to head statistics are, and The best website for checking table standings is 2. Avoid multi bets involving more than three games. Don’t be too greedy to place multi bets involving many games. Do not let the large amount of money that reflects in case you win the multi bets deceive you. In fact I would just recommend you to bet a single game at a time. Avoid betting games that have almost equal odds. Example: | Arsenal | Tottenham | | 2.50 | 2.46 | Such games are very tricky and hard to predict. Almost equal odds mean that most people are undecided on which team will win. The teams have equal winning chances therefore such games are highly risky. Be cautious, do a critical analysis of each team and try your luck.


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