How to bet on Sportpesa

How to bet on Sportpesa


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1. Away teams are way too risky to stake on no matter what
2. AVOID odds below 1.70 unless otherwise (eg; in case of score bets)
3. DO NOT bet more than 3 games/outcomes in any given MultiBet
4. DO NOT repeat any one team (outcome) in different/separate multibets
5. AVOID OUTRIGHT WIN(S)as much as possible … DON’T EVER overtrust a team as a sure bet; always use the double chance option (ie, Asian Draw, Draw-No-Bet or Win-Draw)
6. BE READY FOR ANYTHING; a win or a loss
7. RESTRICT YOUR GREED; eg, avoid using big/unrealistic odds to bet
8. DO NOT BET WITH ANGER/EMOTIONS; eg, revenge betting
9. SEEK ADVICE from fellow gamblers before you place a particular bet
10.Have a CLUE/KNOWHOW/BACKGROUND of the team you bet on
11.Have a note book for future reference of the teams as well as blacklisting ‘cunt’ teams/countries/leagues/players etcetera
12.DO NOT bet for fun bet for MONEY
13. Be a disciplined gambler; eg, DO NOT translate your ‘die-hard’ spirit of a particular team to gambling
14. ALWAYS COMPARE ODDS from different bookies (eg, Bet365, EliteBet Sport-Pesa amdahl the likes)
15. MARK winning leagues/countries/players/teams and use them to make money
16. NEVER chase a loss
17. NEVER shun your instincts
18. DO NOT stake all your account’s value on a single bet/event; subdivide it into workable bits ….eg, 50/50, 3/3, 3/7 etcetera

Under/Over with Statistics Strategy


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