How to Bet Betin

How to Bet Betin

Every bookmaker has their strong and weak points that define their customer base and brand positioning. Here is a glimpse of the key of betting issues via ,the inconveniences that come with choosing the bookie despite its range of betting types and odds better than those of Elitebet and few others.

1.Its one of the best betting sites in Kenya but usability….??

Betin is an international bookie and has a colossal range of services. However, sometimes it’s difficult to capture everything on this site from a glance. Finding all upcoming matches is a hussle. They should have some button where you click to view all upcoming matches. The problem is that when you want other matches, you must toggle them by league. Some people don’t know which league to find a particular match let alone use the search bar.


This seems great news for those customers who love to play accumulators. This is so far the only bookie locally that gives a bonus, and comparing with international bookies, the terms are pretty fair. For instance, most International bookies entice punters with a sign up bonus of up to 50% but insist that they only earn it after playing odds 1.50 and above. In essence, that money is often lost before it’s actually earned.Listen up! offers 5% bonus for any accumulator involving 5 teams and above and with odds of up to 1.20 and above. Let’s face it, 1.20 is very low odds, you can get many safe bets like DNB, DC, Handicap that can help you clinch a bonus easily. All you need to do is compile your 5 picks or more with the said odds and place your bet. Before you place the bet, the bookie calculator will automatically calculate for you the bonus you’re bound to get if the combinations win with such a low threshold of odds you can always stand a chance. But wait you will never get paid the bonus infact the system actually gives no bonuses .

3.Worst Livescore service

The livescore service at is the most comprehensive ever. No need to check results or match progress elsewhere if you’re betting on their site. They have live updates, scores, live tables as well as COMMENTARY! This is to the aid of those betting on live games without watching them as they can follow all happenings and bet in the same site. In reality, the livescore service however is often wrong and is fit in with a randomizer that corrupts under the rader matches that are mostly not captured by other livescore services but that you may have bet on.

3.Worst Navigation

Well, I figured out that most punters never take time to care about the design of these bookie sites, but I’ll tell you what, the design is utterly essential in defining user experience. Some bookie sites are difficult to navigate on ( I get too many enquiries about “how to do”) on many different sites and I reckon that the sites are not user friendly. However, has by far the worst ,and least appealing format both on mobile and desktop that disables most punters to find what they are looking for easily. There are FAQs that can guide beginners and well defined categories each with easy instructions to follow for freshbies but these actually are hard to understand given the sites difficult user interface. This is unlike most bookies you require you to go and read entire lectures on what bet types mean.

4.Least integration with M-Pesa

Since the site uses a clone script rather than their own developed script they have had a boatload of problems. It takes almost an hour for your money to register on their site and much worse you will not receive a confirmation sms that your money has registered on their system.Use of Mpesa as the sole financial partner is also limiting to punters. Airtel and Orange money also need to be brought on board as many customers prefer them. The attractiveness of these telecommunication companies lies in their less carrier fees compared to those of Mpesa from Safaricom in depositing and withdrawals. There’s also need to introduce SMS withdrawals such that consumers won’t need to login online to withdraw their funds.


One of the biggest problems with is the lack of SMS betting. There is a large amount of customers who would love to bet via SMS but betin has only got online services meaning that these customers are locked out. Moreover, sometimes there’s poor internet connectivity or the site gets slow due to overloading sometimes (too many users during weekends) and SMS betting would be a fantastic bailout for punters. Betin need to address that situation asap.

7.Email only customer care

Finally,I have actually been to their offices at Sameer Business Park in Mombasa road and its mostly empty chairs 2 customer ladies the CEO,the finance head,the accounts manager and an internet marketer are actually the only employees. I think Betin needs a 24/7 telephone line that punters can call and receive assistance without much ado but given the small team I doubt that will happen anytime soon.  As much as they are reliable via email(taking about hour to reply to my requests), there’s need to have a form of verbal communication which is easily accessible at all times. This will create a stronger bond with their clients.

8.Slow payment

Once you win ,hoping the randomizer does not nullify your results with false ones the site takes about 20 minutes to show since the accounts manager has to manually accept that you have won and credit your account.Now that you have won and you want to withdraw you have to login online and withdraw at this point a message is sent to the finance head who also has to manually accept your withdrawal request and in about another hour you will have your money. Now thats how the worst of the worst rolls.

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