Make 100k profit on Sportpesa

Make 100k profit on Sportpesa

Hunter S. Thompson once said, “There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having fun and being smart.”

I can’t remember exactly when I started gambling. In the past, it had always been about fun. You put down 2k and pray for a win. If it’s a close game, the nerves build up and you start shaking and talking to whatever god you believe in. In the moment, you’re sincerely saying that you’ll start praying again or you’ll do whatever the god pleases if your side wins.

When you lose, your day is ruined. When you win, it’s orgasmic.

It was not until June 2014 that I finally got serious about betting. I felt this could be a viable way to get some of that rare pesa kidogo extra.Those few coins for the weekend drinking spree or to treat my girls.So from that day forward Sports betting in Kenya became my official side hustle. I was in for a shock when my initial capital of 12,000bob was soon wiped out the same day.

I had figured out that if I could just bet with large stakes I could win big since I knew football well. Gormahia was playing Nakuru All stars . Gor Mahia was leading the league while Nakuru All stars where at the bottom and any dummy could have figured out that Kogalo would have won both halves and that Nakuru All stars was in for a beating.I hurriedly put in Ksh.8,000 for that bet for Gor Mahia to win both halves at odds of 8.00 . The match ended as a draw and I lost 8k. I lost the next two bets too making me lose the whole stake.

Such is betting ,a psychological war in which you have to balance out your greed and your fear till you find the discipline to stick to a winning strategy its amazing how few people realize that.On that day I resolved to kick sportpesa in the ass for killing my side hustle on the first day.


First a confession,I just used the word sportpesa in the tittle since its the most famous betting site in Kenya. The real money is not made on sportpesa for two almost obvious reasons:

  1. Lack of enough markets- Sportpesa has games from just the most popular leagues only and does not have bet markets such as live betting,over 1.5goals etc.
  2. Lack of safety measures in place to protect my bets.-Sportpesa does not have cashout to have you withdraw your money before your bet wins or loses,it does not have trixie bets and other cover bets that divide multi bets to minimise risk etc.

The only thing Sportpesa is actually good for is its JACKPOT read about strategies for winning the Sportpesa Jackpot here.

Anyway if your really serious about betting you will have to use an international bookie(betting website). Bet365 is the best for betting since it has almost every league in the world and betmarket plus its very reliable.Learn more about that here.

The best betting site in Kenya is actually .Read more about it here and why its my bookie of choice.

Anyway back to business,

First thing first you need to establish a wining strategy for use.

You will not stray from this strategy in any way whatsoever.


If you are playing for fun with money you can afford to lose, that’s fine. If you are playing because you want to work towards a financial goal, stop immediately. For yourself and everyone around you.

It’s easier for me to say that now, but trust me, it’s not worth it. I want you to understand that I’m not sharing a get-rich-quick strategy; I’m simply sharing my best strategies,what works for me.

Strategy 1.


Here is what you do.

This is basically reinvesting all cash from one bet into the next.

Lets say you start with an account balance of 20k .Bet 5% of that which is 1k. Now for your first two bets have odds of around 2 per bet. If u place 1k and win .reinvest the profits for that bet into a new bet thus you will have 2k for your next bet which takes you to 4k.From then on reduce your odds to 1.5odds then 1.3 odds per bet lower and lower odds until you hit a target of 10k then start over with 5% of your last account balance as stake.


2.Even bets.

Professional tipsters keep records of their statistics.In this strategy you will just need to find a tipster with above 53% win rate.

Say this Kenyan Sportpesa gambler is following a professional who is has a 55.38% winrate in the long-term.Now to make profit at average odds of 1.9 you just need to win 52.38% of your bets.I chose 55.38% because it is exactly 3% better than the average 1.9 odds break-even of 52.38%.  His win percent is adjusted so that every play is the equivalent of 1.9 odds (I adjust my win percentage the same way).  This pro bets Ksh.1,000/game and makes 3.33 plays per day.  In a given month he will bet about 100 games 3.33 x 30= 99.99.   If his model hits exactly what it has been hitting long term, 55.38%, he will take home a profit of Ksh.6,298.00. His adjusted 1.9 odds equivalent record for the month is 55.38-44.62.  This is how we arrive at his profit: 55.38-(44.62 x 1.1)= 6.298 x 1,000= $6,298.  1.1 is the 1.90 odds inverted and 1,000 is his per game bet.

In the members section of this website.My members are able to follow my best tipsters with over 67% win rates  for the prematch tipsters and over 74%win rates for the live betting tipsters with all their games available on

In the next article I will discuss an absolutely new betting strategy that will guarantee you make profits.


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