Half Time/Full Time Football Betting Strategy

Half Time/Full Time Football Betting Strategy

A very simple football betting strategy, that requires of your persistence, and enough cash to survive a great period of time with losses.

This is one of my personal favorite betting strategies, because eventually you end up winning, as long as you keep on going. Works best, if it’s used on large tournaments in a short period of time like the World Cup, or the Euro Cup, Copa America etc.
Basic Information

The idea behind this betting strategy is pretty simple. Pick a team, that is capable of reversing a match, after losing on half-time. I usually check out the statistics from previous seasons, trying to find the teams with most reversed games. I pick the one I think can do the same for the this current season/tournament, and I stick with it UNTIL the end. This is very important concept to stick with it till it’s over.

Depending on what kind of team it is (Top 4/Favorite of the tournament, a team that usually finishes in the middle of the table/tournament, an outsider) your odds for a reverse will vary anywhere from 19 to 30 (18/1 to 29/1).
The Stake

This strategy relies heavily on patience, and a handling a good amount of losses for a long period of time. Based on that, pick your starting wager, something you will be comfortable with. For my example I will be simply using a starting stake of 1.00£. And for a team I have picked Manchester United, for my example.

Picking such a good team will raise my chances of getting a profit sooner, but will drop down the odds and the amount that I will eventually win.
The Strategy

The season starts, and I start staking 1.00£ plus the amount that I have staked in the previous game, if and only if I have lost my wager. Once you win, you start all over from 1.00£.

So I place a bet of 1.00£ on Manchester United in the first round, to be losing on half-time, but to be a winner when the match ends. That doesn’t happen and in round 2, I place 2.00£ on the same type of bet. I lose again, and then place 3.00£ on the same type of bet in round 3. Pretty sure you get the repetition from now on.
The Example

As the rounds go by, your wager increases, your losses as well. For example, this season Manchester United achieved their first reverse in round 23 against Blackpool.

So here what my spendings will be at that time and how much I will gain in profit.

Round 1 – 1.00£
Round 2 – 2.00£
Round 3 – 3.00£
Round 23 – 23.00£

Given that the odds for a reverse on that day were 19.00, the amount of money I am going to win is 437.00£.
The total amount of my wagers would be 1.00£ + 2.00£ + 3.00£….. + 22.00£ + 23.00£, which is 11 pairs of (1.00£ + 22.00£) + 23.00£, which comes down to 253.00£ + 23.00£ or 276.00£ spent on wagers.

My profit would be: 437.00£, my winnings, minus 276.00£ my spendings, which comes down to 161.00£. This is my profit for those 23 weeks. That’s a lot of time to be honest and this is why I mentioned that this strategy is best applied in tournaments like World Cup and Euro Cup where all games are played within a month.
The Conclusion

While in our example 161.00£ isn’t really a lot in a period of 23 weeks, you can always increase you initial wager and the amount with which you increase your every next one. However keep in mind that this strategy requires survival. How long will you be able to stay in the game, if your initial wager was 5.00£ and you increased each and every next one with 5.00£

5.00£ + 10.00£ + 15.00£…. + 115.00£ = 1380.00£ spent until round 23. Your profit then would be 115.00£ x 19 = 2185.00£ – 1380.00£ = 805.00£

Can you really spent that much on bets without any kind of return? How long can you last if that round 23 wasn’t when United reversed? So keep that in mind before you start thinking about your profit.

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