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May 8th, 2017 by tupesa

Sportpesa Jackpot

Whenever you talk about sportpesa jackpot, so much comes to mind. From the winners to weekday and mega jackpot and so much more. So what exactly is sportpesa jackpot.


This is a term that describes Sportpesa’s pre-selected matches which are supposed to be predicted by you to win a particular amount.

And then?

Sportpesa jackpot comes with two jackpots. There is a weekday jackpot and mega jackpot. Mega jackpot comes with 17 matches. You need to correctly predict 12+ matches to win a bonus.

What about the weekday jackpot?

Unlike mega jackpot, the weekday jackpot comes with 13 matches. To win a bonus, you must predict 10+ games correctly.

Nice, so how to play?

First you will need to deposit 100 shillings to sportpesa account. If you have not registered then you will need to do so first. The after depositing, you can now select the possible outcomes of the 13 or 17 matches for weekday and/or mega jackpot respectively.

How much to win sportpesa jackpot?

This all depends on the total amount at stake. The higher the amount, the higher the bonuses.

Having other questions related to sportpesa jackpot? Why not ask me by commenting below?

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June 10th, 2016 by Mary Ongubo

Sportpesa App Download

Its an android app in APK format downloaded by clicking the sentence above.

I made this page since the Sportpesa website does not render well on some phones.

But wait there is more…

Click here to download Sportpesa APP instantly

So how would anyone normally download the Sportpesa app

You would only need to go to: and click in to top right menu on the sportpesa app icon which would lead you to  which is the official download page for the Sports pesa app.

So whats so cool about this app anyway?

  1. You no longer have to trouble yourself with looking for Sportpesa SMS codes.
  2. You no longer have to use the website to get sportpesa today’s games.
  3. Its absolutely free .
  4. Very efficient on the data bundles.
  5. Super easy to use-after a few minutes.
  6. Has an amazing user experience and user interface.

Side note: Rumor has it that  the Sportpesa app may soon enable livebetting and more betting markets .



1.Go to MPESA menu

Select payment services

Click on paybill

enter business number as 955100

enter the account number as SPORTPESA

enter ammount you want to transfer to your Sportpesa Account

Ener your MPESA pin and confirm the request.


Click on the three lines in the top left to open a sidebar menu in the app.


In the new window that opens enter the amount you wish to withdraw and do so.


Tapping the star of any team will add it to the favorites.

Tapping the +12 icon gives you access to other betting markets like:over/under 2.5 goals

Taping on a pick will select it. It changes colour and is added to your betslip.

sportpesa apk. download bet slip

Your done selecting click on the betslip

sportpesa app multibet

This enables your to REMOVE a selection from your sportpesa multibet.

Decide and write the amount your betting on.

Calculates total odds and possible winnings

And most importantly enables you to PLACE A BET.


spesa jp bet icon

Jackpot icon is visible on the action bar.

After click it shows you the jackpot games.

once the user starts making jackpot picks the sportpesa jackpot betslip will be shown.

Enter bet amount ie. 100 ksh. and click the blue PLACE BET button


-The spesa app will not load if the internet is on on.

-You need to login first to place a bet.

-If your unable to login ,you might be a new user click the registration button and register.


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April 26th, 2016 by Mary Ongubo

Make 100k profit on Sportpesa

Hunter S. Thompson once said, “There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having fun and being smart.”

I can’t remember exactly when I started gambling. In the past, it had always been about fun. You put down 2k and pray for a win. If it’s a close game, the nerves build up and you start shaking and talking to whatever god you believe in. In the moment, you’re sincerely saying that you’ll start praying again or you’ll do whatever the god pleases if your side wins.

When you lose, your day is ruined. When you win, it’s orgasmic.

It was not until June 2014 that I finally got serious about betting. I felt this could be a viable way to get some of that rare pesa kidogo extra.Those few coins for the weekend drinking spree or to treat my girls.So from that day forward Sports betting in Kenya became my official side hustle. I was in for a shock when my initial capital of 12,000bob was soon wiped out the same day.

I had figured out that if I could just bet with large stakes I could win big since I knew football well. Gormahia was playing Nakuru All stars . Gor Mahia was leading the league while Nakuru All stars where at the bottom and any dummy could have figured out that Kogalo would have won both halves and that Nakuru All stars was in for a beating.I hurriedly put in Ksh.8,000 for that bet for Gor Mahia to win both halves at odds of 8.00 . The match ended as a draw and I lost 8k. I lost the next two bets too making me lose the whole stake.

Such is betting ,a psychological war in which you have to balance out your greed and your fear till you find the discipline to stick to a winning strategy its amazing how few people realize that.On that day I resolved to kick sportpesa in the ass for killing my side hustle on the first day.


First a confession,I just used the word sportpesa in the tittle since its the most famous betting site in Kenya. The real money is not made on sportpesa for two almost obvious reasons:

  1. Lack of enough markets- Sportpesa has games from just the most popular leagues only and does not have bet markets such as live betting,over 1.5goals etc.
  2. Lack of safety measures in place to protect my bets.-Sportpesa does not have cashout to have you withdraw your money before your bet wins or loses,it does not have trixie bets and other cover bets that divide multi bets to minimise risk etc.

The only thing Sportpesa is actually good for is its JACKPOT read about strategies for winning the Sportpesa Jackpot here.

Anyway if your really serious about betting you will have to use an international bookie(betting website). Bet365 is the best for betting since it has almost every league in the world and betmarket plus its very reliable.Learn more about that here.

The best betting site in Kenya is actually .Read more about it here and why its my bookie of choice.

Anyway back to business,

First thing first you need to establish a wining strategy for use.

You will not stray from this strategy in any way whatsoever.


If you are playing for fun with money you can afford to lose, that’s fine. If you are playing because you want to work towards a financial goal, stop immediately. For yourself and everyone around you.

It’s easier for me to say that now, but trust me, it’s not worth it. I want you to understand that I’m not sharing a get-rich-quick strategy; I’m simply sharing my best strategies,what works for me.

Strategy 1.


Here is what you do.

This is basically reinvesting all cash from one bet into the next.

Lets say you start with an account balance of 20k .Bet 5% of that which is 1k. Now for your first two bets have odds of around 2 per bet. If u place 1k and win .reinvest the profits for that bet into a new bet thus you will have 2k for your next bet which takes you to 4k.From then on reduce your odds to 1.5odds then 1.3 odds per bet lower and lower odds until you hit a target of 10k then start over with 5% of your last account balance as stake.


2.Even bets.

Professional tipsters keep records of their statistics.In this strategy you will just need to find a tipster with above 53% win rate.

Say this Kenyan Sportpesa gambler is following a professional who is has a 55.38% winrate in the long-term.Now to make profit at average odds of 1.9 you just need to win 52.38% of your bets.I chose 55.38% because it is exactly 3% better than the average 1.9 odds break-even of 52.38%.  His win percent is adjusted so that every play is the equivalent of 1.9 odds (I adjust my win percentage the same way).  This pro bets Ksh.1,000/game and makes 3.33 plays per day.  In a given month he will bet about 100 games 3.33 x 30= 99.99.   If his model hits exactly what it has been hitting long term, 55.38%, he will take home a profit of Ksh.6,298.00. His adjusted 1.9 odds equivalent record for the month is 55.38-44.62.  This is how we arrive at his profit: 55.38-(44.62 x 1.1)= 6.298 x 1,000= $6,298.  1.1 is the 1.90 odds inverted and 1,000 is his per game bet.

In the members section of this website.My members are able to follow my best tipsters with over 67% win rates  for the prematch tipsters and over 74%win rates for the live betting tipsters with all their games available on

In the next article I will discuss an absolutely new betting strategy that will guarantee you make profits.


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February 17th, 2016 by Mary Ongubo

This is a easy to read #spreadsheet so you all can see our latest and brutally honest #results of our free bets ???? Current Month in Detail

Its denominated in units for ease of use. 1 unit =1% of account balance(3k in our case)

tupesa profits april ma

sportpesa today games

We have had a total of 1455 members  in so far.

#Patience is the Key

We doubt any other Kenyan tipster has such honesty or guts.



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November 5th, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

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September 2nd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

How to win Sportpesa Today’s games-Using Free tips

Free soccer predictions sites for live scores, match analysis and football predictions for fun and for use in football betting sites such as SportPesa.

Get the latest football news and gossip that may help predict game outcome.

These free football prediction sites have soccer betting tips and match fixtures. Compare their soccer predictions to stand a better chance of making correct predictions.

Their football predictions cover all the major teams and leagues, including the World Cup, UEFA, Champions League, Premier League, Brazilian Serie A and the German Bundesliga.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport Football News

Catch the latest football facts and gossip on BBC Sport. The extensive coverage includes cricket, golf, athletics and tennis. BBC Sport has one of the best reporting for soccer live scores, football news and match fixtures.

Football fans get free sports news that include game features and match analysis. The data on BBC Sport will help in making accurate football predictions.

WhoScored Football Predictions

WhoScored has free soccer predictions and live scores for all the major leagues and cups, and teams. It is easy to navigate to each league, and the football predictions include statistics for the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga and the EURO Cup.

Other football predictions include the Copa America, Champions Cup and the Serie A of Brazil. WhoScored has videos and infographics, in addition to latest football news. Get top player statistics that include team played for, player goals vs team goals and their total percentage contribution to the team.

StatArea Football Betting Tips

StatArea has team information and statistics for the various league matches. In addition to the accurate soccer predictions, StatArea offers betting tips and final scores.

Get expert reviews of the World Cup, Copa America and UEFA Euro Cup. Featured leagues include the Argentina Primera Division, Austria Bundesliga, Brazilian Serie A and the Clausura of Paraguay.

ProSoccer Free Football Predictions

ProSoccer offers free soccer predictions for over 150 leagues, including the UEFA, Champions League and Euro Cup. ProSoccer has football predictions for the World Cup and major national teams outside Europe. You can even check their predictions for the previous week, get live scores and get up-to-date with the latest soccer news. Stay ahead of the betting teams with average odds and final score predictions.


ScorePredictor Soccer Predictions

In addition to soccer predictions for various top leagues, ScorePredictor has live scores and predictions for handball and basketball. Get statistical analysis of the teams playing any match.

The soccer predictions cover the Champions League, Europa League and a host of national teams that include Austria’s Bundesliga, German Bundesliga and the Russian Premier League.


ZuluBet Soccer Predictions

ZuluBet has daily soccer predictions and tips on the average odds for the various matches. Get football outcome predictions grouped by date of the match. The teams and matches predictions on ZuluBet are grouped under Home and Away team.


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July 22nd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

Sportpesa Online Betting Secrets

Want to know how professional gamblers win these article reveals the best methods behind their greatest winnings. Their system is very very simple. Basically some use the notion that anything with odds between 0.0 and 0.35 are ‘safe’ bets. So, all you do is never bet on anything where the odds are above 0.35! Start for instance with ksh500,and for argument’s sake every bet is with odds of 0.2, you put ksh500 on this bet, and whatever your winnings you add onto that ksh500 and bet that total on the next one.

Sportpesa Today’s Games

This is one of the safest ways but as a football gambler you should know that regardless of how you bet or how much you bet you will lose at sometimes as they say even good teams which seem perfect to win loose.

You need to know how to cover to limit the loss covered. If you are a multi-gambler never bet on the same game also it is not cool to exceed your limit with the goal of attaining riches never bet on ksh1000 while you are used to placing ksh100 bet you are destined to poverty as you only increase risk of loosing when the ksh100 is gone it is gone and it very hard to recover it these are the basic signs that you are turning into a chronic gambler.
A good gambler makes his or her analyses based on two techniques; one is team history or statistics sourcing them from tipster websites. Two is what you may call “feeling” basing it with teams which have an almost absolute high percentage of winning e.g teams at the top three of league table however this method as its limits as there are football matches which are big surprises. There are football matches, which are absolute surprise for everybody.
The key to winning is using money management. Bet the same amount on every game and then when you win more games than you lose at the end of any season your guaranteed to make a profit! That’s why professionals use proper money management. Remember the goal is to win more than you lose, so if you’re serious about winning big money, bet like a pro.

Remember, you only live once so make it count. There’s one thing worse then even death, that’s living a life not worth living. Defeat is not the worst failure possible. Never trying anything to better ones life is the only real failure even possible.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to live the good life, you only need to make more money then you spend.


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July 7th, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

How to Deposit Money to SportPesa via Mpesa

Deposit cash from Mpesa, Airtel money, Orange money and YU cash to SportPesa. Stand a chance to win the SportPesa jackpot by playing the SportPesa games today. SportPesa East Africa lets you bet on both local and international football game results.

SportPesa East Africa is the biggest East African sports betting website that gives football lovers opportunities to hit the SportPesa jackpot and other big cash wins simply by predicting the final score of games.

The football betting game is a legitimate website where many young Kenyans are winning and losing money big time. Use the Mpesa Paybill number 955100 to deposit money from Mpesa to SportPesa. You can place your bet online on the SportPesa website, or by simply placing your bet through SMS using the number 79079.

How to Deposit Money to SportPesa Via Mpesa Procedure

  1. Go to MPESA Menu
  2. Select Paybill
  3. Enter the business number 955100
  4. Account number is SportPesa
  5. Enter the amount to transfer to your SportPesa account
  6. Enter your MPESA PIN
  7. Confirm that the details are correct, then send
  8. Wait for the Mpesa Transaction confirmation SMS

In addition to the favorite Mpesa mobile payment system, you can also deposit money to your SportPesa account via Airtel money, Orange money and YU cash.

How to Deposit Money to SportPesa via Airtel Money

  1. Go to the Airtel Money menu
  2. Select Make Payment
  3. Select Paybill, then click Other
  4. Enter the Business number SportPesa
  5. Enter the amount to transfer to your SportPesa account
  6. Enter PIN, then enter FOOTBALL as the reference number

How to Deposit Money From Orange Money to SportPesa

  1. Go to Orange Money menu
  2. Select Paybill, then Other
  3. Enter SportPesa Paybill number, 955100
  4. Enter the amount to transfer to SportPesa account
  5. Enter your Orange money PIN, then send

How to Deposit Money From YU Cash to SportPesa

  1. Go to your YU Cash menu, then select Paybill
  2. Go to other, enter 107079 as the Paybill number
  3. Enter the business number SportPesa
  4. Enter the amount to transfer to SportPesa account
  5. Enter YU Cash PIN, send.


It is very easy to deposit money from Safaricom Mpesa to SportPesa account. Using Mpesa, you can deposit from anywhere and bet at any time before the game ends – and have a chance to win (or lose) the SportPesa jackpot on SportPesa East Africa.


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June 22nd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

SportPesa Today’s Games prediction and analysis

So your one of those free loaders who wouldn’t part with a measly 200bob a week for Tupesa premium predictions and your stuck with continuous losses due to misleading odds and using some head to head analysis from the other sites I had provided.So where do you get free sportpesa predictions and tips backed by good reasoning and stats.A great place to look for Sportpesa today’s games predictions and analysis is from here. I wanted to answer a lot of questions many first timers to this website usually ask, where Kenyan punters whether betting on sportpesa,,betin,betway,justbet or royalbet the challenges are the same.

I run a premium paid membership where I send my best prematch bets to members for a small weekly fee of Ksh.650 for 7 days of 4-8 bets per day sent by sms for daily games. Live betting is available on several websites in Kenya I prefer

After a lot of success over the last 3 years, i’ve decided to start Tupesa where I  answer questions from readers about my betting experience and betting in Kenya in general. Tupesa is designed to help people with their betting and get insight from someone with years of experience and bags of profit.

If you have any questions about my paid Sportpesa predictions membership, FREE In-plays, my betting experience or betting in Kenya general, be sure to contact us on 0710-792-715 (support line for daily matches and jackpots. Daily matches now cost kes 100 while Jackpots cost kes 250. We send them using typical SMS/Text Message service upon payment. Please note that payment can only be made to the number provided.) and we’ll have your questions answered and maybe up on site with my full answer as soon as possible!


I started betting for fun back in 2013 but it wasn’t until 2014 when I started taking the betting game seriously and realised that I could make an extra long term profit from it.
When I began taking things seriously in late 2014, I started with a Ksh.8,000 balance. This is the bank roll i’d recommend for anyone thinking of taking this game seriously.
Between 2012 and 2014, I just bet for fun so I have no idea what I staked or anything but its more than likely that I lost a bit of cash. I began recording everything from 2015. In 2015 I staked a total of 77,000 and I returned a total of 136,000, giving me a profit of 59,000

I have joined several betting sites in Kenya offering todays games other than sportpesa and I’m open / honest about this. What does this mean? I am able to get the most value since I can compare prices of several betting sites in Kenya for todays games. Does this mean you have to have many accounts ? OF COURSE NOT, as long as your betting site whether Sportpesa or whatever is comfortable for you continue to use it up to a point where you need more features that are not on your site.This is more so for sportpesa games where they have no LIVE BETTING,No DRAW NO BET(DNB),No UNDER/OVER 1.5 fulltime.
These are many more can be found on All you need to do is register there. Believe it or not, people who sign up for my paid membership are rarely ever on Sportpesa , its 69% likely that they have other betting sites like ,Bet Pawa, Bet Yetu, Mcheza and the rest to place their bets, so by producing consistent winners and making a long term profit (which I do). There’s a lot of people on social media who portray paid memberships  as scum, which isn’t true in my opinion. I’m human, I want to make as much money as possible and if this means I can do so by producing consistent winners for myself and my followers AS WELL AS making profit elsewhere, then who I am to say no to that. Please note that if you’re not a fan of paid Sportpesa predictions, simply don’t join and just follow the FREE tips found online or elsewhere.
I use many online resources to do my research but a lot comes from the knowledge i’ve acquired from years of experience. I know most leagues world wide inside out and this experience is something research can’t give you. As for statistical research, I use different sites to check recent form, team news, H2H comparison and even information that can have an effect on the game such as weather, location etc… I am also a member of several online tipping services that charge over $99 per week.
Yes, I have used a number of sites. Some or popular others not but across the board, Mjomba at is my favourite. We have added their number here in this site because we believe they also have quality tips. East or west, you’ll come to find that Mjomba is the best hands down but you can also do your research if you want. If you want to try their tips, we have added the contact at the end of the article.

DISCIPLINE! Without being disciplined, you’ll lose your full bank very quickly. You must NEVER chase losses and you must realise that losing bets is all part of the game. If you think you’re going to win 100% of the time, you’ll lose 100% of the time in the long run. The quicker you accept on bad days that you have to shut the laptop and restart tomorrow instead of chasing losses, the quicker you’ll become disciplined. The reason 99.9% of bettors can’t make a long term gain from sportpesa is because they aren’t disciplined enough.
It all depends on how much I like the bet and what the odds are. For lower odds bets, I tend to bet a higher stake and for higher odds bets, I tend to keep the stakes at the lower end. I’ll never discuss my exact stakes or post images of my exact stakes but I post a photo of my balance at the end of almost every day, so why is that? As people know, my balance is a lot higher than probably 95% of my members so I don’t want to post images of me betting high stakes and encourage irresponsible gambling. I will NOT promote irresponsible gambling and I believe you should NEVER bet what you can’t afford, so by posting images of my balance each day instead of posting each bet and stake, i’m not in anyway encouraging people to follow high stakes, i’m instead showing the progression in my balance.

Glossary of some betting terms on Sportpesa an other widely used betting platforms like

Pretty much every day of my life as a tipster I’m asked what something means
Here’s a quick glossary of some betting terms to help you understand:
Value – often misinterpreted as “Odds Against” / a bet over evens, but is actually the different between the bookmakers price on any selection vs your personal opinion of an event happening. E.G. If you feel Liverpool have a 70% chance of winning this weekend, they should be priced at 1.43 or 4/9. If instead they were priced at 4/6 then this indicates value for you as you feel the likely outcome is greater than the price being offered
  • U1.5, U2.5, U3.5 etc – the U here simply means Under

  • TG – Team Goals – O1.5TG for example would mean you need a team to score 2 or more

  • Treble – 3 selections that all need to win for your bet to win

  • Trixie – a bet with 3 selections where your stake is placed equally on 3 doubles and a treble. E.G. A 50p trixie on selections ABC would total £2 with 50p placed on AB, AC, BC and ABC

  • Single – a bet containing only one selection

  • Spreads – another term for handicap

  • WDW – means Win-Draw-Win and is often used to describe the most popular market in football betting which is the outcome of the match
  • SP – means “starting price” and indicates the price of a selection at the point when the event begins

  • Stake – the amount you place on a selection

  • O1.5, O2.5, O3.5 etc – The O here simply means Over

  • Odds On – when the price of a selection is lower than EVENS it’s described as “Odds On”

  • Odds Against – when the price of a sleection is greater than EVENS it’s described as “Odds Against”

  • Outlay – the amount of money you have on any selection

  • NAP – mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the best bet of the day

  • NB – stands for “Next Best” and is again mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the 2nd best bet of the day

  • MG – Match Goals – the total number of goals in a match

  • Lay – the opposite of backing a bet is to “lay” it or to bet against a particular outcome

  • Longshot – an outsider that is deemed to have less chance of winning by the bookmakers

  • Lump – the act of putting a larger than normal bet on a selection. Not reccommended

  • Acca / Accumulator – a bet using multiple selections

  • Inplay – betting on a selection that is happening now and live
  • Handicap – a way of creating value in bets by either giving a team a goal or more headstart or starting from a losing position. E.G. Man City -1 Handicap would mean they need to win by 2 or more
  • GG – an abbreviation of Goals Galore, the same as Both Teams to Score
  • Double – two selections that both need to win for your bet to win
  • Cover – if you backed Over 2.5 Goals in a game and there were 2 early goals, the act of then backing Under 2.5 Goals to guarantee a win either way is known as a “cover” bet
  • Arb / Arbitrage – to back all outcomes of an event in such a way that a win is guaranteed

  • BTTS / BTS – Both Teams to Score / Both To Score

  • Back – to “back” a bet means to bet on the outcome happening

  • Banker – a bet that is expected to win

  • DNB – Draw No Bet – You get a refund if the game ends in a draw

  • DC – means double chance, backing a team to either win or draw a game

  • FH – an abbreviation of First Half

  • FGS – First Goalscorer

  • FT – Full Time

  • Favourite – the most likely outcome of an event according to bookmakers

  • Form – a guide of recent performances

  • Evens – when the price of a selection is more than 2.

You may bump into one or several of such times but bettingwide, they are definitely something you need to learn and master! By the way, have you guys played on


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January 5th, 2015 by tupesa


If you have already registered with then what’s left is to show you how to place a bet. We have already shown you how to create account/register with betpawa. If you haven’t already, here is a complete guide to get you started. The process of registering is quick and easy! READ: HOW TO REGISTER WITH BETPAWA.CO.KE

If you’re already registered then this article here is for you.

Placing A Bet With

STEP 1: Open

The first thing you need to do is open your browser and type You’ll be presented with a page that looks similar to the screenshot below.

How To Register and Place bets On

How To Register and Place bets On

The page should open in microseconds. It’s the fastest loading betting website in Kenya hands down!

STEP 2: Login/Register

If you already have an account then the next step should be to sign in. Click on create account/login depending on your status. Because I already have an account or have registered, I’ll click LOGIN. Otherwise, If you’re trying to register, click on create account and complete the few required fields.





The above screenshot shows where to enter your login details upon clicking the login link we showed you earlier.


Once you’re logged into, the next step is to place your first bet. You’ll simply click on the matches you’ve been presented withand they’ll automatically appear on your betslip.

However, if the match does not appear among those in the first page, click on NEXT 6 hours or NEXT 48 hours. Alternatively, you can also use the search bar located at the top. Type either teams e.g Cyprus u21 or Slovakia U21 for a match between the two mentioned teams. The match will display and your next move would be to place a bet.

If you need to add teams, you can follow the same procedure for finding a match easily to add it to your multibets. You can add as many matches as you’d like though it’s not a good habit to do very long multibets. Enter your bet amount and click PLACE BET. That’s it! You can clear your betslip to begin afresh if you like but that’s all we had for this tutorial. How to place a bet on If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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