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This is a easy to read #spreadsheet so you all can see our latest and brutally honest #results of our free bets ???? Current Month in Detail

Its denominated in units for ease of use. 1 unit =1% of account balance(3k in our case)

tupesa profits april ma

sportpesa today games

We have had a total of 1455 members  in so far.

#Patience is the Key

We doubt any other Kenyan tipster has such honesty or guts.



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August 4th, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

How to Bet Betin

Every bookmaker has their strong and weak points that define their customer base and brand positioning. Here is a glimpse of the key of betting issues via ,the inconveniences that come with choosing the bookie despite its range of betting types and odds better than those of Elitebet and few others.

1.Its one of the best betting sites in Kenya but usability….??

Betin is an international bookie and has a colossal range of services. However, sometimes it’s difficult to capture everything on this site from a glance. Finding all upcoming matches is a hussle. They should have some button where you click to view all upcoming matches. The problem is that when you want other matches, you must toggle them by league. Some people don’t know which league to find a particular match let alone use the search bar.


This seems great news for those customers who love to play accumulators. This is so far the only bookie locally that gives a bonus, and comparing with international bookies, the terms are pretty fair. For instance, most International bookies entice punters with a sign up bonus of up to 50% but insist that they only earn it after playing odds 1.50 and above. In essence, that money is often lost before it’s actually earned.Listen up! offers 5% bonus for any accumulator involving 5 teams and above and with odds of up to 1.20 and above. Let’s face it, 1.20 is very low odds, you can get many safe bets like DNB, DC, Handicap that can help you clinch a bonus easily. All you need to do is compile your 5 picks or more with the said odds and place your bet. Before you place the bet, the bookie calculator will automatically calculate for you the bonus you’re bound to get if the combinations win with such a low threshold of odds you can always stand a chance. But wait you will never get paid the bonus infact the system actually gives no bonuses .

3.Worst Livescore service

The livescore service at is the most comprehensive ever. No need to check results or match progress elsewhere if you’re betting on their site. They have live updates, scores, live tables as well as COMMENTARY! This is to the aid of those betting on live games without watching them as they can follow all happenings and bet in the same site. In reality, the livescore service however is often wrong and is fit in with a randomizer that corrupts under the rader matches that are mostly not captured by other livescore services but that you may have bet on.

3.Worst Navigation

Well, I figured out that most punters never take time to care about the design of these bookie sites, but I’ll tell you what, the design is utterly essential in defining user experience. Some bookie sites are difficult to navigate on ( I get too many enquiries about “how to do”) on many different sites and I reckon that the sites are not user friendly. However, has by far the worst ,and least appealing format both on mobile and desktop that disables most punters to find what they are looking for easily. There are FAQs that can guide beginners and well defined categories each with easy instructions to follow for freshbies but these actually are hard to understand given the sites difficult user interface. This is unlike most bookies you require you to go and read entire lectures on what bet types mean.

4.Least integration with M-Pesa

Since the site uses a clone script rather than their own developed script they have had a boatload of problems. It takes almost an hour for your money to register on their site and much worse you will not receive a confirmation sms that your money has registered on their system.Use of Mpesa as the sole financial partner is also limiting to punters. Airtel and Orange money also need to be brought on board as many customers prefer them. The attractiveness of these telecommunication companies lies in their less carrier fees compared to those of Mpesa from Safaricom in depositing and withdrawals. There’s also need to introduce SMS withdrawals such that consumers won’t need to login online to withdraw their funds.


One of the biggest problems with is the lack of SMS betting. There is a large amount of customers who would love to bet via SMS but betin has only got online services meaning that these customers are locked out. Moreover, sometimes there’s poor internet connectivity or the site gets slow due to overloading sometimes (too many users during weekends) and SMS betting would be a fantastic bailout for punters. Betin need to address that situation asap.

7.Email only customer care

Finally,I have actually been to their offices at Sameer Business Park in Mombasa road and its mostly empty chairs 2 customer ladies the CEO,the finance head,the accounts manager and an internet marketer are actually the only employees. I think Betin needs a 24/7 telephone line that punters can call and receive assistance without much ado but given the small team I doubt that will happen anytime soon.  As much as they are reliable via email(taking about hour to reply to my requests), there’s need to have a form of verbal communication which is easily accessible at all times. This will create a stronger bond with their clients.

8.Slow payment

Once you win ,hoping the randomizer does not nullify your results with false ones the site takes about 20 minutes to show since the accounts manager has to manually accept that you have won and credit your account.Now that you have won and you want to withdraw you have to login online and withdraw at this point a message is sent to the finance head who also has to manually accept your withdrawal request and in about another hour you will have your money. Now thats how the worst of the worst rolls.

Check these articles on why Sportpesa and Elitebet Kenya are your best options or even the full range of other betting sites :

Sportpesa the best bookie in Kenya

Elitebet Kenya are your best alternative.

Top 10 Sports betting sites in Kenya

Please share your experiences with below.We would love to hear from you.

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June 22nd, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

SportPesa Today’s Games prediction and analysis

So your one of those free loaders who wouldn’t part with a measly 200bob a week for Tupesa premium predictions and your stuck with continuous losses due to misleading odds and using some head to head analysis from the other sites I had provided.So where do you get free sportpesa predictions and tips backed by good reasoning and stats.A great place to look for Sportpesa today’s games predictions and analysis is from here. I wanted to answer a lot of questions many first timers to this website usually ask, where Kenyan punters whether betting on sportpesa,,betin,betway,justbet or royalbet the challenges are the same.

I run a premium paid membership where I send my best prematch bets to members for a small weekly fee of Ksh.650 for 7 days of 4-8 bets per day sent by sms for daily games. Live betting is available on several websites in Kenya I prefer

After a lot of success over the last 3 years, i’ve decided to start Tupesa where I  answer questions from readers about my betting experience and betting in Kenya in general. Tupesa is designed to help people with their betting and get insight from someone with years of experience and bags of profit.

If you have any questions about my paid Sportpesa predictions membership, FREE In-plays, my betting experience or betting in Kenya general, be sure to contact us on 0710-792-715 (support line for daily matches and jackpots. Daily matches now cost kes 100 while Jackpots cost kes 250. We send them using typical SMS/Text Message service upon payment. Please note that payment can only be made to the number provided.) and we’ll have your questions answered and maybe up on site with my full answer as soon as possible!


I started betting for fun back in 2013 but it wasn’t until 2014 when I started taking the betting game seriously and realised that I could make an extra long term profit from it.
When I began taking things seriously in late 2014, I started with a Ksh.8,000 balance. This is the bank roll i’d recommend for anyone thinking of taking this game seriously.
Between 2012 and 2014, I just bet for fun so I have no idea what I staked or anything but its more than likely that I lost a bit of cash. I began recording everything from 2015. In 2015 I staked a total of 77,000 and I returned a total of 136,000, giving me a profit of 59,000

I have joined several betting sites in Kenya offering todays games other than sportpesa and I’m open / honest about this. What does this mean? I am able to get the most value since I can compare prices of several betting sites in Kenya for todays games. Does this mean you have to have many accounts ? OF COURSE NOT, as long as your betting site whether Sportpesa or whatever is comfortable for you continue to use it up to a point where you need more features that are not on your site.This is more so for sportpesa games where they have no LIVE BETTING,No DRAW NO BET(DNB),No UNDER/OVER 1.5 fulltime.
These are many more can be found on All you need to do is register there. Believe it or not, people who sign up for my paid membership are rarely ever on Sportpesa , its 69% likely that they have other betting sites like ,Bet Pawa, Bet Yetu, Mcheza and the rest to place their bets, so by producing consistent winners and making a long term profit (which I do). There’s a lot of people on social media who portray paid memberships  as scum, which isn’t true in my opinion. I’m human, I want to make as much money as possible and if this means I can do so by producing consistent winners for myself and my followers AS WELL AS making profit elsewhere, then who I am to say no to that. Please note that if you’re not a fan of paid Sportpesa predictions, simply don’t join and just follow the FREE tips found online or elsewhere.
I use many online resources to do my research but a lot comes from the knowledge i’ve acquired from years of experience. I know most leagues world wide inside out and this experience is something research can’t give you. As for statistical research, I use different sites to check recent form, team news, H2H comparison and even information that can have an effect on the game such as weather, location etc… I am also a member of several online tipping services that charge over $99 per week.
Yes, I have used a number of sites. Some or popular others not but across the board, Mjomba at is my favourite. We have added their number here in this site because we believe they also have quality tips. East or west, you’ll come to find that Mjomba is the best hands down but you can also do your research if you want. If you want to try their tips, we have added the contact at the end of the article.

DISCIPLINE! Without being disciplined, you’ll lose your full bank very quickly. You must NEVER chase losses and you must realise that losing bets is all part of the game. If you think you’re going to win 100% of the time, you’ll lose 100% of the time in the long run. The quicker you accept on bad days that you have to shut the laptop and restart tomorrow instead of chasing losses, the quicker you’ll become disciplined. The reason 99.9% of bettors can’t make a long term gain from sportpesa is because they aren’t disciplined enough.
It all depends on how much I like the bet and what the odds are. For lower odds bets, I tend to bet a higher stake and for higher odds bets, I tend to keep the stakes at the lower end. I’ll never discuss my exact stakes or post images of my exact stakes but I post a photo of my balance at the end of almost every day, so why is that? As people know, my balance is a lot higher than probably 95% of my members so I don’t want to post images of me betting high stakes and encourage irresponsible gambling. I will NOT promote irresponsible gambling and I believe you should NEVER bet what you can’t afford, so by posting images of my balance each day instead of posting each bet and stake, i’m not in anyway encouraging people to follow high stakes, i’m instead showing the progression in my balance.

Glossary of some betting terms on Sportpesa an other widely used betting platforms like

Pretty much every day of my life as a tipster I’m asked what something means
Here’s a quick glossary of some betting terms to help you understand:
Value – often misinterpreted as “Odds Against” / a bet over evens, but is actually the different between the bookmakers price on any selection vs your personal opinion of an event happening. E.G. If you feel Liverpool have a 70% chance of winning this weekend, they should be priced at 1.43 or 4/9. If instead they were priced at 4/6 then this indicates value for you as you feel the likely outcome is greater than the price being offered
  • U1.5, U2.5, U3.5 etc – the U here simply means Under

  • TG – Team Goals – O1.5TG for example would mean you need a team to score 2 or more

  • Treble – 3 selections that all need to win for your bet to win

  • Trixie – a bet with 3 selections where your stake is placed equally on 3 doubles and a treble. E.G. A 50p trixie on selections ABC would total £2 with 50p placed on AB, AC, BC and ABC

  • Single – a bet containing only one selection

  • Spreads – another term for handicap

  • WDW – means Win-Draw-Win and is often used to describe the most popular market in football betting which is the outcome of the match
  • SP – means “starting price” and indicates the price of a selection at the point when the event begins

  • Stake – the amount you place on a selection

  • O1.5, O2.5, O3.5 etc – The O here simply means Over

  • Odds On – when the price of a selection is lower than EVENS it’s described as “Odds On”

  • Odds Against – when the price of a sleection is greater than EVENS it’s described as “Odds Against”

  • Outlay – the amount of money you have on any selection

  • NAP – mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the best bet of the day

  • NB – stands for “Next Best” and is again mainly used in Horse Racing to describe the 2nd best bet of the day

  • MG – Match Goals – the total number of goals in a match

  • Lay – the opposite of backing a bet is to “lay” it or to bet against a particular outcome

  • Longshot – an outsider that is deemed to have less chance of winning by the bookmakers

  • Lump – the act of putting a larger than normal bet on a selection. Not reccommended

  • Acca / Accumulator – a bet using multiple selections

  • Inplay – betting on a selection that is happening now and live
  • Handicap – a way of creating value in bets by either giving a team a goal or more headstart or starting from a losing position. E.G. Man City -1 Handicap would mean they need to win by 2 or more
  • GG – an abbreviation of Goals Galore, the same as Both Teams to Score
  • Double – two selections that both need to win for your bet to win
  • Cover – if you backed Over 2.5 Goals in a game and there were 2 early goals, the act of then backing Under 2.5 Goals to guarantee a win either way is known as a “cover” bet
  • Arb / Arbitrage – to back all outcomes of an event in such a way that a win is guaranteed

  • BTTS / BTS – Both Teams to Score / Both To Score

  • Back – to “back” a bet means to bet on the outcome happening

  • Banker – a bet that is expected to win

  • DNB – Draw No Bet – You get a refund if the game ends in a draw

  • DC – means double chance, backing a team to either win or draw a game

  • FH – an abbreviation of First Half

  • FGS – First Goalscorer

  • FT – Full Time

  • Favourite – the most likely outcome of an event according to bookmakers

  • Form – a guide of recent performances

  • Evens – when the price of a selection is more than 2.

You may bump into one or several of such times but bettingwide, they are definitely something you need to learn and master! By the way, have you guys played on


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March 30th, 2015 by Mary Ongubo

Betin (formerly Goldbet) is the latest bookie in town offering a whole lot of new types of bets and possibilities to punters,including live betting and combined bets.After recieving several questions about this bookie,i decided to check them out and i was thoroughly amazed!


The head offices for Betin Kenya are along Msa rd, Sameer Business Centre.They have the largest no. of bet types in Kenya more than Sportpesa ,Elitebet or Royal Kenyan bets.They are also the first bookie to offer a bonus if one won a multi-bet of 5+ games.Quick facts about them:

1.Minimum stake is 50 bob KES,maximum is 500,000.
2.The maximum no. of events in a multibet is 40.
3.The maximum payout is 10M,dwarfing Elitebet’s 2m.

BONUSES pays 50% bonus to any multibet of 5+ games that is won.This again shows the financial might they got ,if you consider the maximum stake and payout they offer.

They do not offer soccer only,there is Basketball,Tennis,Volleyball,hockey and Handball.There is also racing and different terms and conditions apply to these games, in regard to staking,bonuses etc

They have a Lipa na Mpesa paybill no.880193.(leave account name blank).However,if you need to withdraw,you have to send them an email at with details of your request and they will process you immediately. Processing takes a minimum of 15 mins and a maximum of 24 hrs.

Betin is more of a match to UK sites like bet 365 and Landbrokes. They have live betting where you can stake for an ongoing event.Moreover,their Under/Over goals market start with u/o 0.5 unlike Sportpesa and Elitebet who start at 1.5.You can also bet on a team to win to nil,ie keep a clean sheet,Score over /under a certain goal line,keep clean sheets etc.There are also combined bets for example: a team to win and over 2.5 goals to be scored.


Betin have the best customer care response time I’ve ever encountered from a local bookie.They replied to my emails within 5 mins,and their responses are very satisfying.

Their current deposit system is not instant.However,they hope to have one up and running soon .

With better advertising,they should take over the sports gambling business in Kenya.They are clearly the best for any professional punter.Enough capital,types of bets and even bonuses available. In fact their only blunder is little use of mass media like radio,tv and billboards unlike sportpesa.

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