Betyetu Betting-How to bet

Betyetu Betting-How to bet

Betyetu betting. There are three options to select from when betting based on a win, draw or loss. The example below illustrates betting options, and is based on a simple bet on who shall win a match:

Betting on betyetu does not require so much. You just need learn the basics to place your bet on betyetu.

There are three choices which you might have already come across. 1 X 2.

1 stands for home win

X means draw while on the other hand,

2 stands for away win 

To bet on your team, visit  and identify the game (s) you wish to bet on, enter the GAME ID# 1=Home win # Bet amount and send the text to 29888. For example, 4366#1#100.

To place a bet on betyetu or any other betting site, you need this same format. However, before placing a bet, you also need to know what teams to select for your single bet/multi bet at betyetu.

Remember the required minimum amount when placing a bet with betyetu is Ksh 10. There are also several other options also known as markets to choose from apart fron 1 X 2

A few others include:

Double Chance Betyetu

Formats available

1X– When you select this option, this implies that the home team with either win or draw.

12– This second option means either of the teams will win. i.e Home or Away.

X2-This is the last option under double chance. It means the away team will win or draw.

This is enough for today.

Our next post is about HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY BETYETU.

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