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Tupesa brings you a complete guide on how to use one of the best betting platforms in Kenya right Why should I use it in the first place? Any new benefits to smile about? How is it any different from the several betting websites available? Our biggest goal is to make sure you have an enjoyable and above all a safe online betting experience. The focus of all our reviews is to help you find the best betting website that provides a wide range of markets, bet types and obviously, some bonuses and a FREEBET!

Our reviews are researched and compiled by our in-house experts, who all happen to be highly trained gamblers. Before doing a review here, we perform in-depth testing and evaluation on several betting platforms, looking at several critical factors and consequently applying the ratings.

Our website contains enormous amount of helpful betting information and advice. We have some good news here in this article. The next statement is one of the honest things we’ve written here. There are so many betting websites to pick from but most of them are disappointingly mediocre at best.

So, apart from the FREE BET, What else do I get by registering at

Qualities of a good betting website should include simplicity and proper navigability. It’s difficult using some of the available betting company websites right now. Still, some betting company websites that used to be so good are being developed the wrong way. They now look so stuffed up that you can’t even guess your next step. Simplicity and UX (user experience) is very important.

Why we chose betPawa as one of the best betting websites?

There are quite a number of betting websites in Kenya right now.  The provides first class service coupled with excellent betting experience. For those who have tried this service, they’ll agree that is one of the most reliable, secure and above all, trustworthy.

BetPawa.coke is one of the few betting websites that gives multiple betting win bonuses. This starts with a 10% win bonus, 50% bonuses and even 100% win bonuses. This is the core of all the benefits that associated with this bookie. The more the matches you add to your multibets the higher the win bonuses. If you’re a good bettor then you already know what this really means on a good day!

The third factor we looked at before arriving at is the fact that they allow you to bet with the lowest stake ever. You can play with as little as kes 1/=. Without seeming to blow this trumpet too loud, I really think this is too cool when you don’t have enough in your pocket. This translates to playing that good bet on your broke days and still make some cash. That’s definitely something to smile about!

There are so many factors to take into consideration amongst them being the ability to make instant withdrawals to your mobile money wallets. Yes, the process is instant. Who wants to win and wait for eternity to have their money? This is one area is really good at. Deposits also don’t take long to reflect in your account thus allowing you to play quickly.

While some websites are too slow, is lightning fast. Having trouble with your betting company website? Does it take too long to load matches? Some betting platforms are too bad that they even clear your betslips because you either need to reload multiple times to review our bets before placing them or they are just not very responsive on other devices such as mobile phones. allows you to play from just about any device, displaying all the matches across the available markets. Thumbs up!

Lastly, interested in popular bets? Want live streaming and live betting all in one? You’ll agree that very few bookies allow you to do all these without having to leave the current page. This alone saves on your bandwidth because everything is placed right in front of you. Loading other bet types like double chances, over and under, handicaps page is super quick. Nothing sells like the ability to place your bets with high volume intact odds. There are just so many benefits you’ll get from creating your account there.

To simplify everything, here’s what you get from signing up a

  • Ease of use and safety
  • Good win bonuses
  • Wide range of markets
  • The lowest stake ever! 1Ksh
  • Better odds
  • Super-fast with instant withdrawals and so much more!

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What else do you need in a good betting website? If you’re delighted just like me about this betting company then we’ll do what we best—advise you on your next course of action—to create your account. We’ll be waiting to hear what your experiences will be like at our favorite To register now, click REGISTER NOW.

Who else has tried What are your experiences? We would like to hear what you have to say by commenting below and don’t forget to claim your FREE BET NOW! Remember that you must be registered to get your free bet!

REGISTER SOON! It just doesn’t get better than this! Trust me!


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