Basics of Sportpesa Betting – Get in the game

When Sportpesa prominently announced their incidence into the market last year,gambling almost sounded like folklore.Before then,there were few punters in Kenya who often used,which was a Ugandan Bookie with alot of inconviniences in bet restrictions and withdrawals,while few used international Bookmakers such as Bet365 and Landbrokes,given the complex online transfers involved.So yes,sports betting sounded very unreal.But not anymore.

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Through Mainstream media commercials,Sportpesa managed to convince Kenyan football and money lovers on the viability and reality of betting.Soon enough,there was,a branch of Elitebet Uganda,who arrived with much more betting options in addition to Sportpesa’s lonely win-draw-win.Since then,there has been, of standard group),,royalkenyanbets ,et cetera.Sportpesa has since had to increase betting options to include handicaps,btts ,among others,in addition to their trademark jackpot ,which was won for the second time last weekend .
The evolution of these events has since changed the face of football passion in Kenya.Over 90% of football fans no longer enjoy the games only,but they actively place bets hoping to strike a fortune.Some,especially University and College Students,even consider betting as a possible fulltime “online job” to supplement their needs.Its not been all roses however,as majority have lost their cash and ended up broke because of reckless betting.To salvage this ,lemme start by dropping a few betting basics for any successful punter:
1.Only bet what you can lose.Betting is a chance event and there is never 100% certainty.Analysis only helps to get the probability of a certain team winning or losing,thus the phrase “odds”.Dont stake your rent,school fees,or any budgeted cash you cannot do without.Quantitatively,its advisable to only bet 1/4 of your bank.
2.Only stake on value.Since its impossible to win all bets,betting, like any business is about making profits on the long run.Thus,one should only bet where the odds offer real value,ie, atleast odds 1.5 and above for both single bets and accumulators.For instance,if you stake 20,000 on odds 1.10 and lose,you might take many years to recover your stake even if you win quite often.Good value should atleast double your stake for single bets ,especially when the stake is high.
3.Bet on strategy,not emotion.First of all,set aside the amount of money you wish to use in gambling,eg 5,000.Its even better to deposit it in your betting account and use it from there.Secondly ,understand that you wont win all your bets,but make sure you only bet on games you have researched well on.If you lose a game,do not get emotional and run back to the odds and stake randomly hoping to “revenge”. Never chase loses!Sit back,take a breath,and wait for your next ” sure” bet.Bookies are very smart and use odds compilers who are analysts to set the odds and fluctuate them,and any emotional betting would lead to trauma from the Bookies!
4.Read analysis and head -to-head stats before betting.There are some punters who merely pick up blanket tips from facebook groups and other online sources and blindly stake their lives.Never will that work.Any tip you get should have an analysis,like the one in this site ,before giving an “impression”.All conclusions should pass the test of your instinct before staking.In betting,instinct is a goddess.
5.Attempt to specialise.Bookies offer almost all the leagues in the world and betting on all of them randomly might prove costly.If you follow a certain league eg EPL or Bundesliga,its better to bet on teams from such a league.That way,you can be aware of injuries,poor form,managerial changes etc that affect outcomes.

With the above in mind,you should be able to make some cool cash from your favorite Bookie.Goodluck,and enjoy responsible betting!

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