6 Ways To Know You Are Just A Habitual Gambler

This has been a very lucrative venture for some and a cash-drain for others . Call it sportpesa betting. It is now turning out to be the venture of every other Tom , Dick and Harry. You might just be a habitual and addicted gambler. Find out how;

1: Most habitual gamblers have developed insomnia
If you wake up in the wee hours of the night just to check up through your phone for a congratulations message, then count yourself an addict. This has been the tendency of most people who have turned football betting into a lifestyle. This is the adopted form of insomnia that leave a good number of married women with long chains of unanswered questions of whether their men are gay or even whether their men a lying amid tense economic status of the family.

2: You understand the prophecy of 110?
It is no longer 310.Things have evolved from the reign of Kanyari.110!Doesn’t it sound much more economical and enticing for the common mwananchi below the medium earners bracket? Compared to three hundred and ten that Victor Kanyari Mwangi (who is also my namesake)asked for,110 seems a better deal of sowing a seed. For those of you who are a familiar with sportpesa , 110 is perhaps not a new diction. And for the few who don’t seem to understand this, it’s just simple. The minimum bet amount is 100,which is sent via M-PESA as 50-50 to minimize on transaction cost.

3: You are very optimistic
If you have made football betting part and passel of you, you will agree that despite the many losses you incur, you are still optimistic about tomorrow as a better day and you will salvage your meal to stake a bet.

4: A good number of habitual gamblers love free things
Ranging from the meager peanuts one gets after receiving a congratulations message to the cheap night data bundles, that’s clear indications that you can hardly let free things pave their way around you. It’s no wander men are now referred to as blueband boys, who are easy sailors along the shores and yet they want some fish for their families.

5: You are easy going and have no firm ground
A good number of habitual gamblers hardly make their own decisions with regard to betting, as the much they can do to exhaust themselves is join as many whatsapp groups as possible where they rely on some shoddy tricksters , who will stop at nothing until my easy-going cohorts lose their money through false predictions.

6:You are good at making new friends
Football betting is just a modern opium, that will always bring together people from all walks of life. Surprisingly, you are good at making new friends whom you can’t even tell their names. This is plastic friendships , if you may allow me to say so.


Its always advisable for a good gambler to be able to follow trends in some leagues by following their resent game results and also following their statistic throughout the years.

This enable one to know where or which market to stake on and have higher chances of winning.Picture1

Some leagues have a little bit consistency in one way or the other.Take for instance leagues such as Czech-Rep/Juniorska-Liga,Denmark/2-Division-West and Australia/A-League where we have 60%-70% of the games played being over 2.5 goals and up to 90% of the games played in real time end up being over 2,5.Where as other leagues make a good spot of under 2.5 market. Such leagues include Egypt/Premier and more.This is are good spots where one can make good money with the best odd offered at Sportpesa and Elitebet.

This is not a guarantee of sure wins since a game may be influenced by many other factors such as injuries,transfers,absence of key players and many other factors which we always put them into consideration so as to give our premium members the best tips always.For this and more information on how to bet and get the best tips contact:


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